A St. James School class ring assumed lost during Friday’s football game at Tiger Stadium in Dadeville is safe at home again.

Lauren Harrison is a senior cheerleader for St. James and was on the sideline Friday when the ring was lost. Lauren’s father Jeff didn’t know about the loss until this week.

“My daughter had been distraught for a few days,” Jeff said. “My daughter told me (Tuesday) night at dinner it was lost.”

Jeff said Lauren wore the ring to the game and started to cheer wearing it.

“The cheer coach said something to her about it,” Jeff said. “She told Lauren she needed to take it off as it might get lost.”

Jeff said the ring was put in the cupholder of the folding chair the coach normally sits in on the sidelines during games and was forgotten but he could tell something was up with his daughter.

“Lauren didn’t think about it until they left the field and were back here,” Jeff said. “She had been holding it in grieving about the class ring and finally told me.”

Jeff put on his thinking cap. He is an engineer with CDG Engineers & Associates in Montgomery and he happens to be the engineer over the courthouse renovation project in Dadeville.

“I sent a text to Mayor Wayne Smith asking if he could get someone to look along the fence line at the field where the chair was set up,” Jeff said. “I also sent him a picture of the ring so they would know what they were looking for. I thought it was a one-in-a-million chance it would be found.”

Smith said he asked a couple of Dadeville Police Department officers to take on the mission of finding the lost gold and it panned out.

“I got a text from the mayor at 6 a.m. (Wednesday) morning saying they found it,” Jeff said.

Smith said finding the ring was one thing but it involved some luck in not being destroyed.

“They found it right along the fence,” Smith said. “It was close enough to the fence that the lawn mower did not damage it while cutting grass.”

Smith said the city was happy to reunite the ring with its rightful owner.

“It’s just who we are,” Smith said. “We like to do the right thing.”

Jeff said he picked the ring up from Dadeville City Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday was also Jeff’s birthday making the day even more special. He gave the good news to Lauren almost immediately.

“She was just waking up,” Jeff said. “She had been so distraught carrying the burden of this. I told her and she just got real excited. This was a blessing — a miracle, the best day ever.”

Cliff Williams is a staff writer for Tallapoosa Publishers.