Cloud Nine was packed with patrons Thursday during its 20th anniversary celebration. 

The store had food and cookies featured from local restaurants and special drinks from Ocie & Belle’s. Every few minutes the store held raffles for patrons.

“It’s wonderful,” Sandy Thompson said. “We try to support Alex City downtown and we love the store. We love Cloud Nine.”

Thompson said she and her friend Sarah Clegg live in Willow Point and visit the store every time they’re downtown.

“We’ve been here the 20 years it’s been open,” Thompson said. “We all came when it opened and it was across the street …  Sometimes in small towns you don’t have the best store, but in Alex City we have the best stores.”

Main Street was blocked off and Kowaliga Idol top-five finisher Nick Hill performed outside.

Resident Alexandra Hudson remembers when Cloud Nine was across the street in 2005.

“It’s so nice to see the community involved and supporting Cloud Nine,” Hudson said.

Hudson’s mother, Julie Hudson, said she’s enjoyed seeing the changes to the store over the years.

“Obviously it’s the 20th anniversary and it’s exciting to see the store that has survived all these years,” Julie Hudson said. “(Owners Sarah Neighbors and Amy Hill) are just great people. We love Amanda (Silvant), who they hired to manage the shop. We can’t say enough good things about them.”