Alexander City Schools celebrated Alabama’s bicentennial this year as part of its fine arts showcase in April.

Director of elementary schools Ellen Martin said the second annual showcase featured a display of more than 3,000 pieces of artwork in addition to music and performances from the schools at The Mill Two Eighty.

Most of the showcase was Alabama-themed and the students there sang “Happy Birthday” to the state.

“Every wall there was covered in artwork,” Martin said. “Everybody who partakes in art (classes), which (are) particularly at the elementary (level), had a (piece) there.”

The school system was awarded a $4,000 grant for being part of the Alabama Bicentennial and used part of the money for art supplies, according to Martin.

Martin said she enjoyed the pieces from a section of Alabama folk art and works called “Grandma’s favorite recipes.”

“They took recipes for like banana pudding and cornbread and detailed that,” Martin said. “Of course the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center (project) was really cute.”

Martin said all of the students who participated are talented.

“The talented art teachers that we have — music teachers, art teachers, drama teachers — are also way above board,” Martin said.