Tax increase is inevitable, but other options exist

Dear Editor: The second of two community meetings concerning the 1-cent sales tax increase for street maintenance in Alex City was held Thursday evening. I ... Read more

Claims about Councill Middle probe off base

Dear Editor, I was outraged by reading the recent letter of Ms. Arlean Wyckoff concerning the investigations of the possible criminal activity at Councill Middle ... Read more

Sales tax increase vital to maintain city streets

To Fellow Residents and Business Owners, The City is faced with a major decision regarding how to keep its promise to you in maintaining roads ... Read more

Board member: School administrators were railroaded

Dear Editor, As a member of the Board of Education, I cannot express the importance of a  safety net to protect all our students from ... Read more

Sound of Gold needs community support

Last night as I was reading posts on social media, I came across a “plea” from a mother and alumni of Dadeville High School. Read more

Letters to the Editor

A closer look at the real Democratic position on voter ID

Dear Editor: Changes in the requirement for positive ID to vote have been in the news for years and with upcoming election in a couple ... Read more

Opinion Columns

You will miss being a distracted parent

Now that we’re empty nesters, Mary Lyman and I are a couple living in a family-sized home. The upstairs three bedrooms that formerly buzzed with ... Read more

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