‘God is blessing America’

By Teresa Harrell Moten Has time really changed Americans? Are we really doing as our founding fathers had desired? Has the constitution really been applied to ... Read more

Use wisely that which is granted

Dear Editor,   Since the Johnson administration with the great society, the war on poverty, and with the multiple social welfare programs, our country has ... Read more

Must-see movies for holiday cheer

Christmas music is dominating the radio. Most people’s stockings are hung by the chimney with care (unless you’re like me and will be putting things ... Read more

Loyalty beyond measure

Dear Editor, Yes, I do believe loyalty is a good thing. Sometimes loyalty even means supporting someone when they may have temporarily gone off track, ... Read more

Tax system in need of reform

Dear Editor, The old saying that nothing is certain except for death and taxes is familiar and for most of us middle class citizens is ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Radney Elementary

Dear Editor: Last week, students at Radney Elementary School had the privilege of meeting Mr. Lance LeFleur, Director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management ... Read more

Opinion Columns

Pay one, pay them all?

One of the most prevalent questions you’ll come across in the sports world is whether or not college athletes should be paid. Read more

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