Looking in the rearview mirror at another Christmas

I’m writing this on the morning of Dec. 26, but I prefer to think of it as the calm after the storm. By now all ... Read more

To be a good friend is to forgive

Dear Editor: This letter is directed to Alexander City Mayor Charles Shaw, members of the City Council and the citizens of this city. Apparently what ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Stress value of life to end cycle of senseless deaths

For two straight weeks, local young men have been at the center of headlines where a young life was taken much too early, for what ... Read more

Obama has been a great president – especially for conservatives

Dear Editor, I will have to agree with Charles Gillenwaters’ editorial of Dec. 11th that Barry Soetoro (AKA) Barack Hussein Obama has been a great ... Read more | 2 comments

My quest to cure an uncommon cold

Just a note here: I can be a little dramatic when I’m sick. I have a cold. Not an average cold. I’m talking a strain ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Are we past the point of no return financially in the United States?

Dear Editor, Obamacare, Common Core, environmental regulations, gun control, Internet control and military reduction. Those are the federal and United Nations programs everyone knows about. ... Read more

Opinion Columns

Turning up the volume on Holy Week

This is one of my favorite times of year. The quiet, penitential season of Lent takes a dramatic turn as we begin Holy Week on ... Read more

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