Here’s to the ‘Lake Martin Community Spirit’

In my high school years the “Most School Spirit” award was usually presented to one of the cute cheerleaders who could jump the highest and ... Read more

Thompson embodies Lake Martin’s Community Spirit

Thursday morning, my phone rang. It was John Thompson, calling to see if I would be willing to give him a hand in a clean-up ... Read more

Trump-Fox feud is latest in ball O’ Republican wack

Last night, there was a Republican Presidential Debate in Des Moines’ Iowa Events Center. Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who, according to the latest Monmouth ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Attentive neighbors are better than fences

Some folks say good fences make good neighbors. In truth, attentive neighbors are better than fences. On Wednesday morning, Bruce Moseley discovered just that. Moseley ... Read more

We should continue pushing for gun law reform

Dear Editor, It takes a lot of hate to shoot a human being multiple times. Mr. Norman Crayton was someone too. He had family that ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

It’s time for leaders with spiritual conviction

Dear Editor, In NASCAR, it’s called “silly” season, when rumors of drivers leaving one racing team for another, or shop talk escalates about a driver ... Read more

Opinion Columns

Thursday headline unintentional

Being a journalist is more than a job to me. It is a way of life. I can’t imagine any other career that puts you ... Read more

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