Kindergartners and politicians

I haven’t ever raised a child, but I have been around plenty who have. Read more

Say thanks to those who make freedom possible

When it comes to Independence Day, most people think about fireworks, flags, barbecue and fun in the sun. Read more

Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July?

Dear Editor, Why do we celebrate the 4th of July? This date marks the date upon which the political, religious, and intellectual leaders of the ... Read more | 2 comments

Alarmed by armed store clerk

Dear Editor, I pass through Alex City several times a year. It has been my custom to stop at one of the convenience stores on ... Read more | 1 comment

Bring First Friday to Alex City

By Alethia Russell Outlook Staff Writer I was first introduced to First Friday a few years after I moved to Gadsden. At first, it was just ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Tax increase is inevitable, but other options exist

Dear Editor: The second of two community meetings concerning the 1-cent sales tax increase for street maintenance in Alex City was held Thursday evening. I ... Read more

Opinion Columns

The highs and lows of cell phone shopping

As I’ve said in this very spot before, I hate contracts. Read more

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