OUR VIEW: Does Bentley saga warrant a resignation?

Before he became governor, Robert Bentley was a little known member of the Alabama House of Representatives. He climbed aboard the state stage in 2010 ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Easter is a time to celebrate rebirth

Easter is a time renewal, a reminder of life restored. The natural sense of the coming of spring mingles for the day with the Christian ... Read more

Here we go again: Reader says city woes are getting old

Dear Editor, When I was in the military and a group of soldiers were moving from one location to another we would march and the ... Read more

A few things of interest on a stormy Thursday

Once again, Europe has been struck by a senseless act of violence, this time in Brussells, Belgium. ISIS quickly claimed responsibility for the attacks that ... Read more

Talking trash and cleaning out the notebook

It’s time again to clean out the notebook and get some of the things I haven’t gotten to in the newspaper. So in no particular ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

It’s time for leaders with spiritual conviction

Dear Editor, In NASCAR, it’s called “silly” season, when rumors of drivers leaving one racing team for another, or shop talk escalates about a driver ... Read more

Opinion Columns

Thursday headline unintentional

Being a journalist is more than a job to me. It is a way of life. I can’t imagine any other career that puts you ... Read more

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