Letters to the Editor

Let’s commend all students, not just athletes

Dear Editor, I would like to commend all students, who are excelling, working hard and doing an exceptional job in their classes. Often times the ... Read more

Are we seeing the beginning of one world government?

Dear Editor, This was a Christian nation. Christianity was the foundation of our government and the backbone of our nation. Christianity was the reason for ... Read more

We need to work on recycling efforts as well as landfill

Dear Editor, I have been reading about the proposed landfill. I sincerely hope that as much time and energy will be put towards recycling programs. ... Read more

Obama has been a great president – especially for conservatives

Dear Editor, I will have to agree with Charles Gillenwaters’ editorial of Dec. 11th that Barry Soetoro (AKA) Barack Hussein Obama has been a great ... Read more | 2 comments

Discretionary spending nothing new for county commissioners

Dear Editor: The article on Wednesday’s Outlook about County Commissioners spending discretionary funds like drunken sailors on shore leave shouldn’t surprise us. This practice has ... Read more