Letters to the Editor

Resident wants to see more involvement

Dear Editor, I do this to myself every time I attend a meeting concerning local city or county government. I spend that night trying to ... Read more

Instructions for a natural tick repellent

Dear Editor, Mr. Boone, you asked for suggestions concerning tick repellent in your recent editorial. Try taking Vitamin B1 or thiamine. Taken by mouth, thiamine ... Read more

501- C3: The most important Bible Verse today

Dear Editor, A couple of weeks ago bbsell wrote a letter to the forum saying that “we are God’s chosen people and will prosper only ... Read more

Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July?

Dear Editor, Why do we celebrate the 4th of July? This date marks the date upon which the political, religious, and intellectual leaders of the ... Read more | 2 comments

Alarmed by armed store clerk

Dear Editor, I pass through Alex City several times a year. It has been my custom to stop at one of the convenience stores on ... Read more | 1 comment