Letters to the Editor

History is only history when it is factual

Dear editor,   In 1926, Dr. Woodson reached out to a world where negroes were denied access and liberty to have negroes contributions in print. ... Read more

FCC request to monitor news service absurd

Dear Editor, The FCC announcement that it will request permission to monitor news service operations struck me as very polite. I doubt if the National ... Read more

Common core is not the path to improvement

Dear Editor, Dr Bice: Please don’t take for granted that your own self delusion about Common Core is matched by the acceptance and approval of ... Read more

A shameful state of affairs

Dear Editor, I am sure anyone who has read the Outlook over the last couple weeks has seen the controversy going on in the Tallapoosa ... Read more

Explaining city gas prices

Dear Editor, Over the past few years the citizens of Alexander City have experienced relatively stable natural gas prices. We have also experienced mild to ... Read more