Letters to the Editor

Why is the state just now deciding to help its Veterans?

Dear Editor: In my local newspaper it reads  “Alabama aims to aid Veterans.” Why can the state of Alabama help Veterans in Alabama when we ... Read more

We need responsible leadership for better quality of life

Dear Editor, A reminder of a government big enough to give us all that we need is big enough to take away all that we ... Read more

My, my, my, politics have taken a turn for the worse in recent years

Dear Editor: Well, wonders, never cease. When we see and hear all this stuff on TV, it makes one sick to their stomach. Truly, I ... Read more

It’s time for a change from ‘do nothing’ elected officials

Dear Editor: Governor Robert Bentley holds the highest office in the state and yet he has taken it for granted. This is a Republican that ... Read more | 1 comment

It’s never too late, or is it? Not if we all remember to pray

Dear Editor Hard to tell. We are living in a world of hatred, greed, our don’t care attitude, so sad. How can we attempt to ... Read more