Letters to the Editor

Sales tax proves Alexander City can’t seem to catch a break

Dear Editor, And yet again Alex City takes it in the shorts. Despite what the constituents of the county commissioners wanted the sales tax increase ... Read more

The question now is what kind of president does America need next?

Dear Editor: Are we ready for another Bush? George 41, and George 43, could have closed off the Border but, neither were concerned enough about ... Read more

It’s time for America, including Obama, to practice what we preach

Dear Editor: I have read several editorials from Mr. Sellers in the paper the last few weeks and I would like to say I couldn’t ... Read more

Despite dislike for the President, there are some good things happening

Dear Editor: Dr. Sellers, please re-read our letter, because nowhere in it did we state that our country isn’t in trouble.  We probably agree with ... Read more

Our state parks are one of the things that make Alabama a special place

Dear Editor: I have to admit that as I read news about the possibility of the state closing several of its state parks for budgetary ... Read more