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It’s time to move forward and work together to better Alexander City

Dear Editor: Isaiah 34:22 states that the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our King; He will save us. ... Read more

The money for Medicaid expansion is there, Alabama should take it

Dear Editor: To address Mr. Wayne Stark question when he asked the question, “Where on God’s green earth do you think the State of Alabama ... Read more

Children can learn valuable lessons while in church

Dear Editor: Poor academic performance and disruptive behavior by children in our schools has reached almost epidemic proportions. Our children are reaching school age without ... Read more

Taking on the Governor, Senator and Representatives

Dear Editor: Governor Bentley has earned a 7 for not leading this state forward. I wrote him, asking him where were his plans; the plans ... Read more

It is past time to enact the Fair Tax bill

Dear Editor: Consider this: visualize getting your whole paycheck [no federal income tax or FICA deductions] on every payday.  Then, you decide how much federal ... Read more