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Before you talk, get involved

Dear Editor: As a volunteer at Wind Creek State Park, I would like to comment on the Easter Egg Hunt. After volunteers and employees got ... Read more

Dispatchers make a difference

Dear Editor, I am writing concerning the Telecommunication Operator recognition week. I am a retired 32 year law enforcement veteran. All too often, I received ... Read more

Not pleased with Wind Creek egg hunt

Dear Editor: After paying a $5 dollar entrance fee for myself and my 7 year old granddaughter and her 7 year old best friend, I ... Read more

Did you know?

Dear Editor, Did you know that the word Easter, found in Acts 12:4, is not in the original Greek new testament scriptures that the King ... Read more

Leadership key for our elected officials

Dear Editor, Yes, it’s time to demand accountability as Dr. Billy Sellers seems to say in his editorial. It’s time to get real facts on ... Read more | 1 comment