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Obama has been a great president – especially for conservatives

Dear Editor, I will have to agree with Charles Gillenwaters’ editorial of Dec. 11th that Barry Soetoro (AKA) Barack Hussein Obama has been a great ... Read more

Discretionary spending nothing new for county commissioners

Dear Editor: The article on Wednesday’s Outlook about County Commissioners spending discretionary funds like drunken sailors on shore leave shouldn’t surprise us. This practice has ... Read more

American Legion seeks help to properly honor two fallen Vets

Dear Editor: When WWII began, many young men from Tallapoosa County felt compelled to join the armed forces to help defend our liberties. At that ... Read more

Why is the state just now deciding to help its Veterans?

Dear Editor: In my local newspaper it reads  “Alabama aims to aid Veterans.” Why can the state of Alabama help Veterans in Alabama when we ... Read more

We need responsible leadership for better quality of life

Dear Editor, A reminder of a government big enough to give us all that we need is big enough to take away all that we ... Read more