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Young: It’s time to limit mayor’s powers

To the City Council of Alexander City: Let me first say, I applaud your commitment and service to our city. Being a council member is ... Read more

Saggy pants, something is wrong with the system and it needs to be fixed

Dear Editor, I’m writing in response to the Dadeville City Ordinance in regards to saggy pants. I think Alex City and the state of Alabama ... Read more | 1 comment

Be thankful of the efforts of local groups to help keep Lake Martin clean

Dear Editor,   There has been a great deal of recent press regarding the Tallapoosa River and Lake Martin, specifically its water quality and recreational ... Read more

GOP has a terrific field with very diverse candidates

Dear Editor, I would like to respond to the quasi-editorial by Tina Dupuy in today’s paper.   What a crock!   She is supposed to ... Read more | 5 comments

Reader disagrees with Tina Dupuy’s opinion on Ben Carson

Dear Editor, I know that Tina Dupuy wrote her Outlook column as a “stand up comic” and her intent was just to poke fun at ... Read more