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We need responsible leadership for better quality of life

Dear Editor, A reminder of a government big enough to give us all that we need is big enough to take away all that we ... Read more

My, my, my, politics have taken a turn for the worse in recent years

Dear Editor: Well, wonders, never cease. When we see and hear all this stuff on TV, it makes one sick to their stomach. Truly, I ... Read more

It’s time for a change from ‘do nothing’ elected officials

Dear Editor: Governor Robert Bentley holds the highest office in the state and yet he has taken it for granted. This is a Republican that ... Read more

It’s never too late, or is it? Not if we all remember to pray

Dear Editor Hard to tell. We are living in a world of hatred, greed, our don’t care attitude, so sad. How can we attempt to ... Read more

A closer look at the real Democratic position on voter ID

Dear Editor: Changes in the requirement for positive ID to vote have been in the news for years and with upcoming election in a couple ... Read more