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GOP has a terrific field with very diverse candidates

Dear Editor, I would like to respond to the quasi-editorial by Tina Dupuy in today’s paper.   What a crock!   She is supposed to ... Read more

Reader disagrees with Tina Dupuy’s opinion on Ben Carson

Dear Editor, I know that Tina Dupuy wrote her Outlook column as a “stand up comic” and her intent was just to poke fun at ... Read more

Reader loves the legacy created by Austin Holley and his furniture store

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Holley Home Furniture for 55 years of service. The company success is due largely to Mr. Austin Holley and his excellent ... Read more

What have the Republicans done with their super-majority?

Dear Editor, In 2010, the Republicans proclaimed they have had enough of 150 years of Democrats. Now we have had five years wherein Republicans have ... Read more

Trump conjures up memories of Russell’s Eugene Gwaltney

Dear Editor, The current presidential campaign has sparked as much interest as I have seen in many years.  One of the most visible and controversial ... Read more