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We should continue pushing for gun law reform

Dear Editor, It takes a lot of hate to shoot a human being multiple times. Mr. Norman Crayton was someone too. He had family that ... Read more

Christianity, and all religions, have varied perspectives

Dear Editor, I am truly saddened by the recent letters from certain so called Christian writers who apparently want to establish a Theocracy.  According to ... Read more

If you are willing to protest, be willing to accept the consequences

Dear Editor,   In 1849 Ralph Waldo Emerson visited Henry David Thoreau who was in jail for refusing to pay a poll tax, which violated ... Read more

Organizers express thanks for help in “Renew our Rivers” cleanup

Dear Editor, With the 2015 LMRA “Renew our Rivers” Lake Martin cleanup now completed and tee shirts distributed, I want to express sincere gratitude to ... Read more

Thank you Rep. Sewell for calling for investigation in Alabama

Dear Editor, I want to thank Representative Terri Sewell for writing the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch requesting an investigation not only into the Voter ... Read more