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Common people have lost their voice

Dear Editor, “Write your congressman.” “Call your congressman.” “E-mail your congressman.” We hear it and read it repeatedly. I have followed this advice for years ... Read more

Confederate battle flag should fly as reminder

Dear Editor, The Confederate flag is officially coming down from government property in South Carolina. Forget what it means to some people, whether it’s pride ... Read more | 5 comments

Charleston Church exemplifies Jesus’ teachings, forgive the sinner

Dear Editor, Having read Sister Moten’s letter in Tuesday’s paper, I cannot help but respond, being in total agreement with her. The members of Charleston’s ... Read more

Anti-gun liberals using ‘the same old line’ after shootings

Dear Editor,  I would like to start this rebuttal by praising Ms. Moten for her most inspirational editorial. Ms. Moten was absolutely spot on. With ... Read more

Prayer only way to battle tragedies like Charleston church shooting

Dear Editor, Satan does not care where he uses people to kill. There is good and there is evil. Remember, Cain killed his brother, Abel. ... Read more