Natalie Nettles

Magazine highlights area’s best

Today is the day. After months of interviewing, writing, editing, scheduling photographs, proofing, editing and re-editing, we are finally ready to send Lake Martin magazine to ... Read more | 1 comment

‘From nine pizzas to noodles’

“My very energetic mother just served us nine pizzas.” As a child, I remember saying that phrase over and over to help me memorize the order ... Read more | 1 comment

A look back at the BCS build up

By the time you read this, either Auburn or Oregon will be BCS national champions and I’ll be on the opposite end of the country, ... Read more

‘T’was three weeks before Glendale’

Last week, a story was featured on the front page of The Birmingham News detailing one lawyer’s request to postpone a Jan. 10 trial so ... Read more

The Best of “Best Worst Movie”

Several months ago, I wrote a column about watching “Troll 2,” the 1989 straight-to-DVD bomb turned cult classic starring Alexander City’s own Dr. George Hardy. Read more