Kenneth Boone

I don’t have time for turkey hunting, yet

I’ve been saving two outdoor activities for my retirement years: hunting turkeys and playing golf. The reason is because I’ve got a too-busy schedule already. ... Read more

All the confusion over union and marriage

They say you shouldn’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table. If you talk about same-sex marriage in Alabama, you’re talking about both. It’s ... Read more

Cough, cough: Fighting the flu is an uphill battle

W e’ve had a flu epidemic at The Outlook’s office lately. This week four people – including me – were home in bed, two had ... Read more

Alex City’s tradition of working together

Precious few cities have a benefactor like Ben Russell. Alexander City does. The announcement that Russell is personally acquiring the Russell Sales Office building and ... Read more

I couldn’t speak in my 15 minutes of fame

I’m a writer; not a talker. That second part was obvious Friday during the Chamber of Commerce’s annual luncheon. When Randy Lee, the 2013 winner ... Read more