Kenneth Boone

Don’t rely on technology

I experienced a double-dose of technology failure this week. Read more

Tallapoosa perfect for paddling

I had the great pleasure of joining a team of people who paddled an 8-mile section of the Tallapoosa River Friday morning as part of ... Read more

New season, old memories

Dove hunting is a dusty, sweaty, waiting game where most people wind up with sore backsides, briar cuts, poison ivy rash, sunburn and eye-strain … ... Read more

‘You’ve got to admire the timing’

Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc. took an unusual step recently. After our building in Wetumpka flooded six times in the past year and a number of our ... Read more

Chamber seeking SunFest ideas

I took part in the Chamber of Commerce’s “debriefing” for the first annual SunFest this week. And I’m happy to report that almost all the ... Read more