Kenneth Boone

Proud of BRHS, our community

Last night I had the privilege of shooting photos at Benjamin Russell High School’s graduation exercise. Standing on the field, I couldn’t help but feel ... Read more

A sound idea

“Huh?” That’s something you hear a lot around Alabama hunting camps. I personally have a number of close hunting buddies who suffer from hearing loss ... Read more

‘B’ is a passing grade

I got a “B” in Lent this year. As a good liturgical Christian (which is what I try to be but don’t always succeed, as ... Read more

Ghosts on the battlefield

Thursday night, as the sky darkened and tiny points of light became visible in the heavens, candles on the battlefield at Horseshoe Bend brightened against ... Read more

How all of us saved Jazz Fest

W e almost lost the Jazz Fest this year. It was saved by one of Alexander City’s best assets. And you need to know the ... Read more