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Packing 101: How to do more with less

I’ve traveled a good bit in the past, and a good bit this month. That doesn’t mean I’ve got the fine art of packing licked. ... Read more

Stuck truck and this time, I was driving

Not too long ago, I wrote a column about my friend Shane Harris and I getting stuck in a mud hole near the Tallapoosa River. ... Read more

Higher lake levels is a positive for all of the area

The Lake Martin community all smiles – almost all smiles – as a result of Thursday’s announcement that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s final Environmental ... Read more

Turning up the volume on Holy Week

This is one of my favorite times of year. The quiet, penitential season of Lent takes a dramatic turn as we begin Holy Week on ... Read more

It has been great hearing all that is good

It’s been an impressive three days. The State of the City address, the United Way wrap up and the Lead Forward women’s luncheon were all ... Read more