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Hot days mean lots to do in Alexander City

There are times this summer when our downtown seems hot, humid, empty. But not for long. Alexander City has a lot – and I mean ... Read more

A weight loss miracle? No, just count calories and exercise

This morning I hit a landmark, the halfway point to my weight-loss goal, when the scale said I am 20 pounds lighter than when I ... Read more | 3 comments

Confederate flag waves both ways

The problem with empathy is seeing both sides of an issue. Yogi Berri wishes he said that. I see both sides of the Confederate Flag ... Read more | 1 comment

Honoring the outfits of American history

One of my favorite Lake Martin traditions is the Fourth of July boat parade, when folks go all-out to dress up in All-American style and ... Read more

Global warming is just plain common sense

I don’t understand the controversy over global warming. I do understand the controversy over how to deal with it, especially when dealing with it costs people ... Read more