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You will miss being a distracted parent

Now that we’re empty nesters, Mary Lyman and I are a couple living in a family-sized home. The upstairs three bedrooms that formerly buzzed with ... Read more

‘Perfect’ solution to healthcare is a moving target

By Billy Sellers / Guest Column There continue to be calls for expansion of Medicaid in Alabama. In Alabama insurance coverage, particularly for working age ... Read more

Dad’s still dependable even after he is gone

I will start this column off with a disclaimer. I know you will think that I’m crazy because I talk about hearing voices in my head ... Read more

Plenty to love about Mayberry, I mean Alexander City

Someone asked me Tuesday night at the Community Open House to unveil the draft of Alexander City’s Comprehensive Plan Update if I was enjoying being ... Read more

Don’t abandon animals, there are better options

There are few things that get my blood boiling more than seeing an animal that wants nothing more than to be a loving pet being ... Read more