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Sign petition for a system with a better chance to succeed

We need to make a change in Alexander City’s government. That’s not a political statement – at least it’s not a statement I make to ... Read more

Hey, Governor! Where’s the revenue?!?

Gov. Robert Bentley laid out an impressive laundry list of things he’d like to happen in Alabama in his State of the State address on ... Read more

Thompson embodies Lake Martin’s Community Spirit

Thursday morning, my phone rang. It was John Thompson, calling to see if I would be willing to give him a hand in a clean-up ... Read more

Trump-Fox feud is latest in ball O’ Republican wack

Last night, there was a Republican Presidential Debate in Des Moines’ Iowa Events Center. Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who, according to the latest Monmouth ... Read more

Taking the plunge is a way of life

Taking the plunge is a way of life

Not that my sanity hasn’t been questioned before, but after my participation in the inaugural Young Professionals Polar Plunge Saturday there are again questions surfacing. ... Read more