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Candy can tell you a lot about people

Seeing all the festivals this weekend, costumes in stores and having to remember to pick up candy has Halloween on my mind. But no matter ... Read more

Coalition seeking nominations for Youth Advisory Board

Alexis Sankey / Guest Columnist Tallapoosa County CARES (Community Advocates for Responsible Environments) has created a coalition against underage drinking to create a safer environment ... Read more

Know the truth before going to the polls

Harry Wyckoff / Guest Columnist The motivation for this article came after two political 8 ½” x 11” cards came in the mail (“mailers”) last ... Read more

You will miss being a distracted parent

Now that we’re empty nesters, Mary Lyman and I are a couple living in a family-sized home. The upstairs three bedrooms that formerly buzzed with ... Read more

‘Perfect’ solution to healthcare is a moving target

By Billy Sellers / Guest Column There continue to be calls for expansion of Medicaid in Alabama. In Alabama insurance coverage, particularly for working age ... Read more