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Tidbits from a community newspaper man

Putting out a newspaper is often a whirlwind like no other in the world. Deadlines often force us to make quick decisions on what we ... Read more

Even the best plans can’t account for everything

“S-S-Siri, please get me directions for Vina, Alabama,” I said. “Do what?” She replied. Siri was perplexed by my request and it had nothing to ... Read more

New school year and renewed commitments

It was always a fresh start, the first day of school. There were the new, stylish clothes that my Mom ironed to a stunning crispness. ... Read more

Hot days mean lots to do in Alexander City

There are times this summer when our downtown seems hot, humid, empty. But not for long. Alexander City has a lot – and I mean ... Read more

A weight loss miracle? No, just count calories and exercise

This morning I hit a landmark, the halfway point to my weight-loss goal, when the scale said I am 20 pounds lighter than when I ... Read more | 3 comments