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Why does website think Alex City isn’t exciting?

Normally I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to surveys, because I have no idea who actually compiled the data or who those people ... Read more

Everyday’s ‘Hump Day’ in Alaska

Tim, the floatplane pilot who looked like he could still be in high school, sailed low over the tundra. From the co-pilot’s seat I looked ... Read more

My days as a walking equipment room

T he temperatures Wednesday morning were perfect. As I took the dog out at 6 a.m. there was just a hint of fall in the ... Read more

A mannequin gave me a shopping phobia

Last weekend was tax-free shopping in Alabama, so that folks with children can save a few bucks as they buy back-to-school clothes and other necessities. ... Read more

Sometimes a bug is worth fighting for

Local high school football practice began Monday across the state, another sign that my favorite time of the year is upon us. I love football. ... Read more