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Hot days mean lots to do in Alexander City

There are times this summer when our downtown seems hot, humid, empty. But not for long. Alexander City has a lot – and I mean ... Read more

A weight loss miracle? No, just count calories and exercise

This morning I hit a landmark, the halfway point to my weight-loss goal, when the scale said I am 20 pounds lighter than when I ... Read more | 3 comments

Could ‘The Reverend’ still be in the works?

It’s a story that almost writes itself. And, for a time, we’ve thought one of the most celebrated writers of our era was working on ... Read more

Confederate flag waves both ways

The problem with empathy is seeing both sides of an issue. Yogi Berri wishes he said that. I see both sides of the Confederate Flag ... Read more | 1 comment

Cats and cars don’t mix

I won’t be back in my home for another three weeks. This week, I’m staying in the fully furnished basement of my aunt and uncle’s home ... Read more