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My quest to cure an uncommon cold

Just a note here: I can be a little dramatic when I’m sick. I have a cold. Not an average cold. I’m talking a strain ... Read more

Where does a city-slicker learn to live off the grid?

While researching off-the-grid irrigation for home gardens, I’ve learned there is a big interest in going backward in the U.S. – as in going “back ... Read more

Contentment is plenty to be thankful for

Today is a day in the newspaper business when readers will find a column or editorial where someone lists all the reasons that they have ... Read more

Sometimes life hands us what amounts to fuzzy math

A funny thing happened to me this week. Wednesday evening, I had a few minutes to burn before meeting my wife for a late dinner at ... Read more

I’m in a hurry to slow my life down

I  have found that no matter what happens to you in life, someone somewhere has already written a song that perfectly fits that situation. For my ... Read more