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Sometimes life hands us what amounts to fuzzy math

A funny thing happened to me this week. Wednesday evening, I had a few minutes to burn before meeting my wife for a late dinner at ... Read more

I’m in a hurry to slow my life down

I  have found that no matter what happens to you in life, someone somewhere has already written a song that perfectly fits that situation. For my ... Read more

Finding a fix when you are the problem

Ben Fanning did a fine job as the keynote speaker at the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce’s Professional Development Seminar this week – despite having ... Read more

Citizens, where are you? Speak up

By Billy Sellers / Guest Columnist Where are the rest of you?  A very small number of us have been screaming into the darkness about ... Read more

Candy can tell you a lot about people

Seeing all the festivals this weekend, costumes in stores and having to remember to pick up candy has Halloween on my mind. But no matter ... Read more