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Turning up the volume on Holy Week

This is one of my favorite times of year. The quiet, penitential season of Lent takes a dramatic turn as we begin Holy Week on ... Read more

It has been great hearing all that is good

It’s been an impressive three days. The State of the City address, the United Way wrap up and the Lead Forward women’s luncheon were all ... Read more

Would Donald Trump bring Apprentice to politics?

We can all rest easy now. Donald Trump announced on Wednesday he was forming a committee to explore a run for the presidency. To heck ... Read more

I don’t have time for turkey hunting, yet

I’ve been saving two outdoor activities for my retirement years: hunting turkeys and playing golf. The reason is because I’ve got a too-busy schedule already. ... Read more

Things heard by a fly on the barbershop wall

In my line of work you make your living observing, questioning and taking all that you see and hear and putting it in written form. ... Read more