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Super Bowl XLIX not for this fan

By David Granger / The Outlook You can have your Super Bowl on Sunday. In fact, you can have the National Football League. Between spousal ... Read more

I couldn’t speak in my 15 minutes of fame

I’m a writer; not a talker. That second part was obvious Friday during the Chamber of Commerce’s annual luncheon. When Randy Lee, the 2013 winner ... Read more

Looking in the rearview mirror at another Christmas

I’m writing this on the morning of Dec. 26, but I prefer to think of it as the calm after the storm. By now all ... Read more

My quest to cure an uncommon cold

Just a note here: I can be a little dramatic when I’m sick. I have a cold. Not an average cold. I’m talking a strain ... Read more

Where does a city-slicker learn to live off the grid?

While researching off-the-grid irrigation for home gardens, I’ve learned there is a big interest in going backward in the U.S. – as in going “back ... Read more