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Packing 101: How to do more with less

I’ve traveled a good bit in the past, and a good bit this month. That doesn’t mean I’ve got the fine art of packing licked. ... Read more

Thinking of mom and graduations

This time of year is always a bit sentimental for me. Mothers Day and graduation ceremonies seem to run back to back, and for me, ... Read more

Montgomery has lost the connection

By Larry Lee / Guest Columnist Debbie Deavours has spent 33 years in the Fayette County school system, the last eight as principal at Berry ... Read more

Community theatre is good for small towns

If you’ve spent any considerable amount of time in conversation with my husband, the Rev. Rob Iler at St. James Episcopal Church, or me, you ... Read more

Are we using every dollar wisely in Montgomery?

It was just a little snippet of news. Just a few hundred words.  And while few Alabamians probably saw it, it should have made headlines ... Read more