Camp Hill

LMWA to host Blues Brothers tribute

Next week “The Blues Brothers Experience: The Mission Continues,” a traveling production from Branson, Mo., is making its way to the campus of Lyman Ward ... Read more

All schools closed Monday

Schools in the Lake Martin area will be closed Monday because the Lake Martin area has been placed under an ice storm warning. Read more

Special delivery

A Camp Hill man was charged with trafficking marijuana Tuesday after authorities intercepted approximately 7 pounds of marijuana being shipped to him through the mail. Read more

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Man charged with trafficking marijuana in mail

A Camp Hill man has been charged with trafficking marijuana through the mail after authorities intercepted a mail package with 7 pounds of marijuana Tuesday. Read more

County missing half property tax payments

If you still have to pay your property taxes this year, Tallapoosa County Revenue Commissioner Linda Harris has a warning you: expect long lines. Read more