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NO WINNER YET: So here is the 3 p.m. Treasure Hunt Clue

The search is still on for Wednesday’s Sun Festival Pie In The Sky Treasure Hunt Medallion. Here is your final clue: Buck’s plus 650.. Read more

Winner? Wednesday’s Sun Festival Treasure Hunt clue

The Treasure Hunt is sponsored by Aliant Bank and worth $200 each day.  Each daily winner is entered in the drawing for $1,000 to be ... Read more

New Site elected official arrested on multiple charges

A New Site Town Council member is facing charges after sheriff’s deputies responded to a prowler call last Wednesday. Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett confirmed ... Read more

Former counselor turns himself in to Dadeville authorities

Dadeville Police Department officials have released additional information regarding the arrest of two former administrators who were arrested as a result of an investigation into ... Read more

Veterans at Bill Nichols recognized

Veterans at Bill Nichols recognized

By Alethia Russell Outlook Staff Writer   In the midst of a fun, festive, community oriented event like Sun Festival, the hustle and bustle subsided to ... Read more

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