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Lake Q&A: Claudia Hendrix Issiac

Lake Q&A: Claudia Hendrix Issiac

Claudia Issiac is director of catering and group sales at Willow Point Golf & Country Club. Where around Lake Martin did you grow up? I ... Read more

  1. Time To Winterize
  2. Copper’s Grill Opens at Stillwaters
  3. Colony of Artists


Big Catches: Buzzbaits

As anglers, we oftentimes get caught up doing what seem to be the latest and greatest techniques. There are definitely advantages to showing the fish ... Read more

  1. Big Catches: Gone with the Wind
  2. Big Catches: Choose the best bait
  3. Big Catches: Night Fishing

Geo 101

What’s in a Name?

At the mouth of Lake Martin’s Blue Creek sits a small but mysterious island. The mystery is not in its location, as hundreds or even ... Read more

  1. Geography 101: Parker Creek
  2. Big Beach
  3. Midway Island


Healthy Living: On the Holiday Table

The holiday season is approaching rapidly and with it will be the stressful schedules, full calendars, party planning, shopping and lots of gatherings with family ... Read more

  1. Chef’s Table: Chick Pea Salad
  2. Lake Watch: Auburn studies E. coli sources on Lake Martin
  3. Healthy Living: Tending the Tailgate Table


Lake Property: The Perfect Petri Dish

Lake Property: The Perfect Petri Dish

As the calendar turns to November, many of us start stressing about Thanksgiving. Older people think: “What will we serve? It just has to be ... Read more

  1. Porchside Living
  2. Lake Property: ‘Digging’ lake homes
  3. Traditional Russell cabin inspires Blue Creek renovation


Nature of the Lake: Blueback Herring

Blueback herring swim in Lake Martin. And that may be a problem. Because like kudzu, fire ants and Chinese privet, blueback herring are not supposed ... Read more

  1. Get a Grip
  2. Nature of the Lake: Flag Bird
  3. You won’t believe what’s swimming in Lake Martin


Chef’s Table: Chick Pea Salad

Chef’s Table: Chick Pea Salad

Ingredients 1 can chickpeas drained and rinsed 1 small julienned red onion 1/4 cup cherry tomatoes cut into half 1 cup kale torn into small ... Read more

  1. Hickory Grilled Spanish Mackerel Escabeche
  2. Chef’s Table: Grilled Okra with Chile
  3. Chef’s Table: Scrambled Eggs and Tarragon with Cornmeal Crusted Gulf Oyster

Water Sports

Time To Winterize

Time To Winterize

When the water drops to winter pool on Lake Martin, it’s time to make sure the boat will be in working order when spring comes. ... Read more

  1. Sculling
  2. Bridge to Bridge
  3. Parker Creek Pedalers


From the Cellar: Thanksgiving Wine

From the Cellar: Thanksgiving Wine

Every food, decorating and lifestyle magazine on the rack this month is featuring the same thing: Thanksgiving. There’s no getting around it; the theme and ... Read more

  1. From the Cellar: Ageing Gracefully
  2. From the Cellar: Starter Wines
  3. From the Cellar: Not a Chemistry Lesson