Lake News

Pleasure Point cleanup moves forward

Fewer than 30 mobile homes and other structures remain at Lake Martin’s Pleasure Point Park and Marina, and a spokesman for Alabama Power Company last ... Read more

  1. Lake Q&A: Martha George
  2. HOBO: Practicing Patience in matters of the lake
  3. What you need on the boat


Big Catches: Choose the best bait

Big Catches: Choose the best bait

September on Lake Martin marks the beginning of an exciting time if you are an angler. Daytime temperatures are still often over 90 degrees, but ... Read more

  1. Big Catches: Night Fishing
  2. Night fishing
  3. Six little things that make a BIG DIFFERENCE

Geo 101

Big Beach

Big Beach

Anyone who has spent time on Lake Martin knows that on a hot summer day, despite the incredible beauty and splendor that surrounds you, it ... Read more

  1. Midway Island


Healthy Living: Eating Wild, Part Six

This month ends our six-month study of Jo Robinson’s book, Eating on the Wild Side. If you have not been following us on this investigation, ... Read more

  1. Healthy Living: Common Root Crops
  2. Keep eating wildly
  3. Horsing around the lake


Traditional Russell cabin inspires Blue Creek renovation

Traditional Russell cabin inspires Blue Creek renovation

It all started with the purchase of a boat, said Julia Shockley Upton, an Alexander City native who now makes her home in Auburn with ... Read more

  1. Lake Property: On Pace for Record Year
  2. Lake Property: The Triple Crown of Real Estate
  3. Cedar Point


Nature of the Lake: Flag Bird

Nature of the Lake: Flag Bird

For centuries, the Red-headed Woodpecker has been one of those standout bird species that people remember. Cherokee Indians used it as a symbol of war; ... Read more

  1. You won’t believe what’s swimming in Lake Martin
  2. Delicious Dewberry
  3. Bowfin


Chef’s Table: Grilled Okra with Chile

Chef’s Table: Grilled Okra with Chile

1 pint okra, baby if possible 4 Arbol chilies cut into thin rings 1 lime Salt and pepper to taste 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive ... Read more

  1. Chef’s Table: Scrambled Eggs and Tarragon with Cornmeal Crusted Gulf Oyster
  2. English Pea and Mint Crostini
  3. Grilled Shrimp Salad with Fennel and Lemon Vinaigrette

Water Sports

Bridge to Bridge

Bridge to Bridge

Instead of relaxing before they started back to school at Central Alabama Community College and Auburn University, Alexander City natives Matt Harris and Ryan Jones ... Read more

  1. Parker Creek Pedalers
  2. Behind the Boat: Savor September
  3. Behind the Boat: Testing the Waters


From the Cellar: Not a Chemistry Lesson

It has been a long time coming, but whether we want to know all about wine or just a little, there’s one thing that can’t ... Read more

  1. From the Cellar: Red or White?
  2. Not a Chemistry Lesson
  3. Summer Red