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Making the Dream Come True

Making the Dream Come True

Venue. Dates. Guest Lists. Colors. Flowers. Attire. Stationery. Food. Decorations. Planning a Lake Martin wedding might seem a daunting task, especially when the wedding is ... Read more

  1. Wedding Party Presents
  2. Lake Q&A: Buck Stevens
  3. Lake Weddings: Love at the Lake


Big Catches: Technology

At a trade show a couple of years ago, someone asked me what I thought was the biggest advancement in our age of fishing. I ... Read more

  1. Big Catches: Fishing Rocks!
  2. Big Catches: Choose the right rod
  3. Big Catches: Buzzbaits

Geo 101

Little Martin

Little Martin

From her mouth at the Tallapoosa River to the Highway 49 overpass, Blue Creek is known for pizza at Chuck’s, resort living at Harbor Pointe ... Read more

  1. What’s in a Name?
  2. Geography 101: Parker Creek
  3. Big Beach


Healthy Living: Take a wellness approach to 2016

When you hear someone say they are “living a healthy lifestyle” or “living a good life” or “living life to its fullest,” what does that ... Read more

  1. Healthy Living: Fit for the Holidays Challenge
  2. Healthy Living: Eating on the Wild Side, Part V
  3. Healthy Living: On the Holiday Table


Lake Q&A: Park and Martha Myers

Lake Q&A: Park and Martha Myers

While Martha and Park Myers were looking for their own home on Lake Martin last year, they began to wonder, “Who is taking care of ... Read more

  1. Lake Property: Feeling the Flip
  2. Lake Property: Scooby-Doo Neighbors
  3. Crauswell family upgrades from cabin to year ’round home


Lake Watch: Memoirs of a Water Monitor

Twenty years ago, I got a little black box filled with chemicals, test tubes and instructions. Then, I was a newly certified water monitor, having ... Read more

  1. Lake vs. Beach
  2. Nature of the Lake: Bluegill
  3. Nature of the Lake: Resurrection Fern


Chef’s Table: Sunchoke and Brussels Sprouts Pasta

Chef’s Table: Sunchoke and Brussels Sprouts Pasta

Ingredients 1 pound fresh sunchokes, peeled and rough chopped 2 cups milk 10 Brussels sprouts, trimmed 1/2 cup heavy cream 2 cloves smashed garlic 1 ... Read more

  1. Chef’s Table: A Lake Martin Christmas Dinner
  2. Chef’s Table: Mr. Jim’s Creamed Corn
  3. Lake Q&A: Ban Stewart

Water Sports

Behind the Boat: Change is Good

Schools are about to start back up, and by the end of this month, riding behind the boat will be a weekend-only adventure again. But until ... Read more

  1. Cutting Water
  2. Lake Martin coach brings home gold
  3. Time To Winterize


From the Cellar: Red wine and chocolate, together at last!

If February is the month for lovers I have a confession to make: I’ve been having an affair. It’s really no secret that I am ... Read more

  1. From the Cellar: Hold off the Headache
  2. From the Cellar: Holiday Toasts
  3. From the Cellar: Thanksgiving Wine