Arts & Culture

For the Birds

For the Birds

Four photographers from the same family picked up top awards in the 2015 Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail photo contest, proving that the egg really doesn’t ... Read more

  1. Reaching Great Heights
  2. Aero Warriors roar into town for reunion at Wellborn Museum
  3. 11th Annual Art and Photography Contest

Business Matters

Business Matters: Frontline Fitness

Business Matters: Frontline Fitness

For most, the term “CrossFit” brings up a mental image of something akin to boot camp: people sweating through grueling workouts while burly instructors yell ... Read more

  1. Business Matters: Pearson’s Place
  2. Welcome Home, Jacob Meacham
  3. Missing Piece Found!


Happy Garden: A Beautiful Garden Tour

Happy Garden: A Beautiful Garden Tour

My doctor recently told me, “Fred, you’re going to need some surgery, and you will have to take some time to allow for healing.” I ... Read more

  1. Happy Garden: What Your Gardener Really Wants
  2. Happy Garden: Cool Season Favorites
  3. Happy Garden: Mid Summer Garden Nightmares


From the Tee: Viva Las Vendors!

The New Year always brings about new golf trinkets, gadgets, clubs and apparel that make us in the golf industry wonder how we ever lived ... Read more

  1. From the Tee: Play smart for lower scores
  2. From the Tee: Putt like a pro
  3. From the Tee: Birdie-Watching in the New Year

Medical News

Weigh the Cost

Weigh the Cost

This is Cara Tidwell’s busy time of year. The fitness coordinator at Total Fitness at Russell Medical Center works longer, more intense hours during the ... Read more

  1. Stress and sleep (or lack thereof)
  2. Medical News: Dialysis team goes platinum
  3. Medical News: A New Home for the Holidays

Money Matters

Money Matters: Business Planning in the New Year

It’s the start of another new year, and for the business owner, this is an excellent time to evaluate where your business stands and where ... Read more

  1. Money Matters: Benefits of Cash Value Loans
  2. Money Matters: Banking tools aren’t just for big business
  3. Money Matters: How getting a home loan changed last week


Outdoor Life: Timing the Rut

Outdoor Life: Timing the Rut

Long ago, I divided my deer season into two parts: bow season and rut. For most hunters, this is the best time to catch a ... Read more

  1. Outdoor Life: Go Backpacking!
  2. Outdoor Life: Don’t Pass the Buck on Safety
  3. Plush Meets Profit


Stitch by Stitch

Stitch by Stitch

In her studio at the foot of Smith Mountain, Sherry Watkins transforms ordinary fabric scraps into startling works of art. The basement studio of her ... Read more

  1. Going the Distance
  2. Christmas Magic
  3. Candy Day

The Last Word

The Last Word: If the lake had an online dating profile

So, dating sites are a thing, right? In fact, they are probably the thing with the kids and all of their crazy electronic gadgets. Teenagers ... Read more

  1. The Last Word: Local lines that will land you a holiday date
  2. The Last Word: If fans wrote letters
  3. The Last Word: Gypsies, Zombies and Michael Jordan