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Aero Warriors roar into town for reunion at Wellborn Museum

Aero Warriors roar into town for reunion at Wellborn Museum

If you are a baseball fan, you have to visit Yankee Stadium or the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. For history lovers, a trip to ... Read more

  1. 11th Annual Art and Photography Contest
  2. Saleen Supershow
  3. The ‘Un-incompetent’ Mrs. Mathew Lord

Business Matters

Business Matters: Pearson’s Place

Business Matters: Pearson’s Place

A staple has returned to Dadeville. Pearson’s Place – gift shop, florist and now also boutique – has reopened at 127 N. Tallassee Street under the ... Read more

  1. Welcome Home, Jacob Meacham
  2. Missing Piece Found!
  3. Business Matters: Sakura Bistro


Happy Garden: Cool Season Favorites

Even though you may still be harvesting tomatoes and squash, it is time to start thinking about replanting your vegetable garden with cool season favorites ... Read more

  1. Happy Garden: Mid Summer Garden Nightmares
  2. Happy Garden: Scented Geraniums or Pelargoniums?
  3. What to do with an abundant harvest


From the Tee: Play smart for lower scores

It is true. The closest distance between two points is a straight line; however, it’s not always the smartest or safest route on the golf ... Read more

  1. From the Tee: Putt like a pro
  2. From the Tee: Birdie-Watching in the New Year
  3. From the Tee: Good Friends and Golf

Medical News

Medical News: New Faces, Places join RMC

Russell Medical Center is pleased to announce the appointments of Alex Minter, M.D., and Dr. Ravinder Clayton to the medical staff. Dr. Minter specializes in ... Read more

  1. Medical News: Good health through community service
  2. Medical News: Blood drive, pie tasting, and cancer screening
  3. Emily Gilbert Dementia Support Group helps family and caregivers cope

Money Matters

Money Matters: How getting a home loan changed last week

For more than 30 years, federal law required all lenders to provide two disclosure forms to consumers when they apply for a mortgage and two ... Read more

  1. Money Matters: Your Credit Score
  2. Money Matters: Equity Options for Big Purchases
  3. Money Matters: Mortgage Lender Secrets


Outdoor Life: Plot for the Big Buck

Beginning in September of each year, most hunting clubs turn their attention to planting food plots for deer. The age-old practice of planting usually reacquaints ... Read more

  1. Outdoor Life: CCC makes Flagg Mountain magic
  2. Canoe Trail named for Dadeville paddler
  3. Outdoor Life: Teeming with Diversity


Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

October is the perfect time for ghost stories. Most people get their dose of seasonal spookiness from watching horror movies on the couch or visiting ... Read more

  1. Just a little bit of Luck
  2. Pie in the Sky Treasure Hunt Winners
  3. A Big Time

The Last Word

The Last Word: If fans wrote letters

It was getting late in the month, and I was struggling for a subject for my column. Then it hit me: Mailbag! That’s brilliant! I ... Read more

  1. The Last Word: Gypsies, Zombies and Michael Jordan
  2. The Last Word: Catalogue Shopping
  3. Roadway Entertainment: Billboard irony explored