Arts & Culture

Jazz Fest 25

Bank Walkers Start the Party Story by Cara Clark | Photo by Kenneth Boone Music in the moonlight is what audiences will expect in Alexander ... Read more

  1. Play on a Local Stage
  2. Making Musicians
  3. Holiday Games

Business Matters

New Moves on Main Street

New Moves on Main Street

Photo by Cliff Williams Alexander City is on a downtown revitalization track. On every block, there are building renovations underway, a new shop opening or ... Read more

  1. Artistic Teak Traders
  2. Firetruck Bar-B-Que
  3. What ‘Shop Local’ Really Means


It’s About Thyme

To eat well and be well By Fred Muenzmay Recently, I was asked: Fred, how do you deal with all the plants in bloom in ... Read more

  1. Growing Mint
  2. Terrific Tomatoes
  3. The Color Purple


The Best Club in the Bag

By Dave Jennings The mind can be either the best or worst club in the golf bag. Thoughts that go through this roughly 3-pound organ ... Read more

  1. Picks from the Pro Show
  2. Golfing in the New Year
  3. When it’s too cold to play golf, shop the PGA show

Medical News

Hospital Happenings

From bicycles to applause and more By Susan Foy UAB Medicine – The Cancer Center at RMC was a proud host of the inaugural Cycliad ... Read more

  1. Riding, Rocking and Recognition This Month at RMC
  2. RMC offers life-saving screenings
  3. Hometown hospital shares its holiday traditions

Money Matters

Second Home Savvy

Take advantage of good timing By Kevin Speaks As the economy continues to improve, more people are coming to the Lake Martin area to buy ... Read more

  1. Equity line changes could come this year
  2. Running with bulls and bears
  3. Managing money in the New Year


Mudcat Mania: Editor scratches noodling off bucket list

Mudcat Mania: Editor scratches noodling off bucket list

If we are honest, we’ve all seen something on television, in a magazine or on YouTube that made us say, “Those people are nuts, but ... Read more

  1. Wind Creek on track for top year
  2. Understanding SPF
  3. Talking Turkey


Are you ready for the storm?

Are you ready for the storm?

Prepare to survive tornado season in Dixie Alley By Cara D. Clark | Photo by Jim Denney Jim Childers was not at home when an ... Read more

  1. Honoring a Local Favorite: Willie Carl Martin Day on May 12
  2. Restoring the Past
  3. Beating holiday stress with PATH

The Last Word

“Dad bod” not so bad, after all

By Luke Robinson Did you know that when human beings look at themselves in the mirror, they find themselves to be 56 percent more attractive ... Read more

  1. Superman: A Better Guy Than I Thought
  2. Honoring a Local Favorite: Willie Carl Martin Day on May 12
  3. Santa Salutations