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Artistic Teak Traders

Artistic Teak Traders

Story & Photo by Cliff Williams Owen Walton is no stranger to art; he also is a successful businessman, having owned Tiger Rags in Auburn ... Read more

It’s About Thyme

To eat well and be well By Fred Muenzmay Recently, I was asked: Fred, how do you deal with all the plants in bloom in ... Read more

Understanding SPF

How to play the sun protection numbers game By Fletcher Scott Today, sunburn should not be taken lightly. When I was growing up, a sunburn ... Read more

The Best Club in the Bag

By Dave Jennings The mind can be either the best or worst club in the golf bag. Thoughts that go through this roughly 3-pound organ ... Read more

Jazz Fest 25

Bank Walkers Start the Party Story by Cara Clark | Photo by Kenneth Boone Music in the moonlight is what audiences will expect in Alexander ... Read more