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Clean Water Partnership offers to help Dadeville council with projects

Published 8:07am Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Middle Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership approached the Dadeville City Council to discuss grant opportunities during Tuesday’s meeting.

Sabrina Wood, coordinator of the Middle Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership, discussed grant opportunities with the Dadeville City Council, offering assistance on future projects that may arise in Dadeville.

“We know that your are working diligently on some stormwater issues, especially at the Old Highway 280 (East South Street) location. We offer grant opportunities to possibly assist with your projects,” Wood said. “It cannot be for infrastructure, but it can be for improvements that can help in the future. We’re a stakeholder committee, and we all work toward protecting our environment and water quality.”

Wood noted that there is a $5,000 cap for grants offered by the partnership.

City attorney Robin Reynolds raised the question on whether the clean water partnership grants could be used to fund projects pertaining to the replacement of stormwater pipes.

Missy Middlebrooks of the clean water partnership said grants can be used for issues such as control of runoff and even educating the community, but are mostly aimed at preventing issues before the need to place infrastructure arises.

“These types of projects can fund erosion and sediment control. We’re trying to control the amount of runoff, which actually can lead to more infrastructure problems,” Middlebrooks said. “It could be as simple as educating the public and educating the kids about whatever goes into our storm drains can end up in the lake. “We want to help prevent issues before they get to that point of replacing storm drain pipes.”

Wood used this past summer’s electronics recycling event as an example of projects the partnership has done in the Dadeville area previously and added they are open to helping in other projects moving forward.

“We are more than willing and are open to work on any project in the future. We started electronics recycling this summer here in Dadeville, and we hope to continue that,” Wood said.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the council revisited the issue of its lack of a zoning board of adjustments.

The council has been searching for five individuals to serve on a zoning board of adjustments since July after the issue of business on Lett Street operating in a residential area.

The city’s planning and zoning board recommended that the issue be sent to the city board of adjustments, which, per a city ordinance, would have to grant the business a special exception to operate in the residential area instead of rezoning the area for business, which led to the issue of the City of Dadeville not currently having a board of adjustments.

The business has been allowed to continue operation while the issue is being resolved.

“We have not been able to come up with anyone at this time,” said District 5 councilman Randy Foster.

Reynolds suggested bringing in the East Alabama Planning Commission to see what suggestions it has concerning the zoning board of adjustments and to find out if the commission has ever encountered any similar problems with ordinances such as Dadeville’s.