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Officials still hammering out specifics of ATRIP paving project

Published 8:35pm Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This month marks little over a year since the city of Dadeville was awarded $1.29 million in the third round of local highway funding under the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program, also known as ATRIP.

However, the process of determining when, and who, to undertake that paving project is still ongoing.

The ATRIP funds awarded to Dadeville are set to fund the repaving of Lafayette Street from Madwind Road to the city limits at Dudleyville Road, which accounts for approximately 4.36 miles of road overall.

Josh Pierce with Goodwin, Mills & Cawood, Inc., which is serving as Dadeville’s engineering consultant for the project, said the design plans of the repaving project are in their final stages and could be sent to the Alabama Department of Transportation in a matter of weeks.

“The plans are in the final stages of design. Once the design is completed in the next couple of weeks they’ll be submitted to the DOT for review,” Pierce said. “Once ALDOT reviews and approves the plans, which should take 4-6 weeks typically, then the project can be advertised for public bidding and then bid out. The DOT will bid it themselves. Once the bidding occurs, it generally will take another 4-6 weeks to do the contract work with the apparent low bidder. Then, work can begin.

“You’re looking at work being done or people seeing asphalt workers working in probably somewhere around three months or so.”

Dee McDaniel, assistant division engineer for county transportation with ALDOT Fourth Division in Alexander City, said the time table for the repaving project to begin would likely start in 2015.

“As with any project, we have a series of planning reviews that we undergo and different documentation that’s being sent by the city through their consultant, which is Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood, Inc. – I believe their Montgomery office is handling that,” McDaniel said. “We expect the project to be let to contract by the state either late winter or early spring of 2015, which would be right in line when you typically want to let a resurfacing project.”

McDaniel said ALDOT has already done some field reviews with Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood.

The project is funded on an 80-20 split, with 80 percent of the funds coming from the $1.29 million in ATRIP monies, and the other 20 percent being matched by the City of Dadeville, which will be determined when the contract is let and the paving contractor with the lowest bid is determined.

“It’s a process where, right before, we’ll take bids out of Montgomery through our bureau of office engineers. The city (Dadeville) has to concur with the award of the contract to the low bidder,” McDaniel said. “Once the city agrees to that, they agree to their match at that time. As far as what’s going to be performed as a part of the project, there’s going to milling, spot patching, leveling and resurfacing, installing permanent stripe, markings of pavement markers, and incidental grassing as needed along the shoulders in the rural areas.”