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Make your feelings known on sales tax increase

Published 6:45pm Friday, August 1, 2014

Dear Editor,
On Monday Aug. 4, the City Council will meet to hammer out details on a matter that will impact all of Alexander City for years to come. A decision to support or oppose the 1 percent sales tax is a personal decision. My decision is to oppose.
This tax increase is said to be the last resort to have our roads paved.
I believe it to be the easy way out. Consider the people in this area who earn a little over the minimum wage, the elderly on Social Security, the disabled and unemployed.
At the end of the day when they are making decisions on whether to buy groceries or medicine or pay for utilities do you think they really are concerned about whether or not they ride on an asphalt paved road.
Please be informed with the facts and whether you oppose or support. Let your City Council and Mayor know how you feel, before it is too late.

Randal Lucas
Alexander City