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Council should just say ‘no’ to proposed sales tax increase for roads

Published 8:37pm Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dear Editor:
Here’s my take on the proposed sales tax increase: DON’T DO IT. Better days are just around the corner for this community with the efforts of a lot of entities working toward that goal. Raising our sales tax now could be a step backwards and disrupt better long-term solutions.
A lot of people think this is a done deal. Most, in fact, with only about fifty people coming out for the town hall meetings to hear the proposal and get in the conversation. Many seem to think that the public will get to vote on the proposal. No, you won’t. The City Council has the authority to do whatever they wish with sales tax. If they don’t hear the opposition they will assume that the voters are okay with it. Silence implies consent.
It is imperative that everyone who opposes the increase call their council person, the Mayor’s office or the City Clerk. There is opposition but the people who will make the decision are apparently not hearing it. And showing up at the council meeting will be too late. The time to speak up is now. They will vote at the next council meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 5.
The proposal has been presented as an either/or decision. If we want our streets and roads maintained we either have to raise the sales tax or suffer a cut in services. That seems a little extreme and we shouldn’t have to choose between decent roads and public services. We should demand that current losses be brought under control.
What else can we do? Shop at home. Granted Alexander City doesn’t have everything we want and sometimes need. That’s another reason for getting involved, getting in the conversation and working on the solutions that will get us where we want to be. Or we can blame someone else for how things are.

Henry Foy
Alexander City