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Claims about Councill Middle probe off base

Published 5:49pm Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dear Editor,
I was outraged by reading the recent letter of Ms. Arlean Wyckoff concerning the investigations of the possible criminal activity at Councill Middle School. I am addressing my subsequent comments to Ms. Wyckoff.
Ms. Wyckoff,
Your words are at best inflammatory, purposely aimed to arouse emotions, and not supported by any evidence. At worse, these words are outright race baiting and dangerous. Also, you are out of line with your comments if you are speaking officially as a school board member. If you are speaking only as a private citizen, please don’t try to impress the rest of us with your official credentials. The last thing we need in our community and county is this type of inflammatory rhetoric, especially from a “school board member.”
I personally know one of the individuals accused of wrongdoing and am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt unless proven wrong by the facts. I am NOT willing to convert this potential tragedy into another trumped up race matter.

Billy Sellers
Alexander City