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Board member: School administrators were railroaded

Published 6:06pm Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Editor,
As a member of the Board of Education, I cannot express the importance of a  safety net to protect all our students from any harm by adults or students. I want to stress this “important” as well. If there is anyone that is using children to unseat peoples’ jobs, ruin their reputation for political gain – I want you to know there will be justice “awaiting you.” We know that black people’s positions have been taken, look at Reeltown and Horseshoe Bend, to destroy peoples’ lives or to get what you want, not what the people want. But what you want is not acceptable. There will be someone looking into these cases. When you see how this case transpires with no one knowing what was going on. Mrs. McKinney’s contract has been expired. Mr. Windle jumped out ahead and said it was not going to be reinstated.
There are plenty of red flags here. When the board members don’t know what is going on and we have two important faculty members of the school being railroaded, and we read this in the newspaper July 22. There will be answers to all the questions.
Arlean Wyckoff
Alexander City