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Sound of Gold needs community support

Published 7:35pm Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear Editor,
Last night as I was reading posts on social media, I came across a “plea” from a mother and alumni of Dadeville High School. She was asking students to support the DHS Sound of Gold Band and to help get the band growing. I, too, am proud to call Dadeville High School my alma mater.
The best times of my high school days were spent as a member of the DHS Tiger Band. I began band in the 5th grade as a percussionist. I “played” the drum and continued to do so for the next seven years. During my last 2-3 years of high school.
I marched proud in front of the Tiger Band as I carried the American flag. Band allowed us to travel to all the football games and support our team and cheerleaders. We played at all the pep rallies, all the ball games, we marched in the governor’s inauguration parade and proudly represented our school, city, and county. We marched in the Memphis King Cotton representing the State of Alabama. Band Directors Jeff Thurman, Hubert Liverman, and Lannie McAllister taught us about music and how to appreciate it. More importantly, life long values were instilled in each of us through their education and teaching of us.
Although there were long, hot band camps, we knew with hard work that rewards lay ahead. We worked hard and played hard and rewards were tremendous. Mr. Thurman, Mr. Liverman, and Mr. Mac taught us not only to have fun at what we did but also we learned to depend on our other band members. We were a disciplined group of young people. We took the time to make sure that everyone in our band looked good! We were responsible to ourselves and to our friends as well as to our school and family. We encouraged each other on a daily basis.
At the time, 1967-1969 the Dadeville Tiger Band fielded one of the largest bands that the school had ever seen and, not bragging, but we were good! We had the support of our parents who worked the concessions stands every Friday night. We had the support of each other, the teachers, the band directors and the support of our student body. After all, we were all in this together. The 2014 Sound of Gold will begin band camp on July 21 at 8 a.m. under our new band director Mr. Ryan Greskonder.
On August 7, Mr. Greskonder will meet with band members and parents at Council Middle School for instrument placement for the beginning band students. I am begging parents to realize what a foundation in music could mean to an adult later in life. Encourage your children to an integral part of their high school activities. Support your 2014 Sound of Gold just as our DHS Tiger Band was supported. Good luck Tigers. We are trusting with hard work that we will have the best athletic teams ever fielded, the best cheerleaders ever to cheer, the best band that has been fielded in years and students who are putting their academics firsts.
Welcome Mr. Greskonder by committing yourself to the band. You will love it forever!

Jackie Brown Wilbourn,