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Alexander City doesn’t have leadership

Published 6:26pm Friday, July 18, 2014

Dear Editor:

I had done my best to ignore the infighting going on in our city until the Mayor wrote his column. The idea of potential business’s on the outside watching what is going on in Alex City currently frustrates me to no end.

Now I cannot stay quiet.

The only thing I have taken away from what I have gathered from this squabbling within our city leadership is Alexander City doesn’t have any leadership. After two years of the current administration I was hoping to see our city’s administration move into the 21st century. Sadly this hasn’t happened.

I remember writing an editorial to the Outlook after a county commission meeting a couple years ago describing what went on between two of the commissioners as 2-year-olds squabbling. I see we as citizens are still suffering from the same problem with the main issue at stake being clouded and confused by side line issues. Again, this is due to a lack of leadership ability.

Mr. Mayor you say that Alex City should come first, is that what happened when you chose the replacement for the Housing Authority Board? Was Alex City’s interest placed above petty political vindictiveness? To the city council, was the budget examined for any possible cuts and savings? The city golf loses money every year while servicing a very same percentage of the citizens. If the golf course broke even every year I wouldn’t have a problem. But pouring money into the golf course year after year, money that could go to support a civic center or better yet put into our education system, is irresponsible.

I agree with the mayor that we as a city need to move forward, so Mr. Mayor it is on your shoulders – drive on.


Woody Baird

Alexander City