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Cat’s death underscores importance of leash law

Published 5:44pm Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alexander City Animal Control officers said a cat was killed by a dog in the Shady Point area Wednesday morning.
Officer Kelly Cotney said that the owner of the cat reported that she had never seen the dog before.
“They described it as a small to medium white dog – they didn’t really know what breed,” Cotney said. “The dog came in the porch, pushed in a little spot in the screen and killed the cat.”
Cotney said no neighbors had any dogs matching the description.
“We have been keeping an eye on that area,” Cotney said. “If anyone sees a dog that matches that description, it would be nice if they called the police because it could just be a stray that got in.”
She added that the owner did not want to prosecute the owner of the dog.“She said that if there was an owner, she just wanted them to know what happened and to keep the dog inside,” Cotney said.
The cat’s owner was still so upset by “Patches” untimely death Thursday that she didn’t want to discuss the incident.
Alexander City does have a leash law. The law stipulates that inside the city limits, unsupervised dog must be confined within a fence, visible or invisible, with at least 100 square feet per animal. Unsupervised dogs can not be kept on a chain, though a cable runner system with at least 100 square feet of running room for animals can be used.
“It you are supervising the dog, you can have it within voice command,” Cotney said. “You can let it go out and run on your property as long as you stay there with it and can call it back.”
Cotney said that animal control has not had any complaints from the Shady Point area, adding that the last complaint was “well over a year ago.”
If you see a dog matching this description, call the Alexander City Police Department at  256-397-1023.

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