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501- C3: The most important Bible Verse today

Published 7:47pm Monday, July 7, 2014

Dear Editor,

A couple of weeks ago bbsell wrote a letter to the forum saying that “we are God’s chosen people and will prosper only as long as we follow God’s commands” One response was, to shorten it to a reasonable size,

“You don’t know what you are talking about and you should keep your mouth shut until you do.”

Unfortunately the response reflected the majority belief of the Nation. For the first 130 years our government, the divisions of power and hierarchical judicial system was based on the Bible. The nation followed the moral code outlined by the Ten Commandments. The nation was enormously prosperous! Now for 80 years we have followed the teaching of psychologist, politicians and educators to do, “whatever feels good’, as envisioned by the United Nations. The atheist New World Order? This is what is important? Not God. Not the Constitution. As a result we now have government leaders and judges who feel that the Bible, the Constitution and our traditions are no longer relevant.

We are fragmented into small political and social groups who can’t agree with each other or even negotiate to settle on policies to govern the nation. And the Men of God who do know what we need are hiding behind their pulpits afraid to open their mouths “501-C3” has become the most import verse in the Bible! Men of God are bowing down before Federal Judges and the IRS rather than trembling before the Lord. What does this say for their future? If the Christian Church can’t unite to lead us back to God’s path who can? Apparently even ministers aren’t reading the Bible because they can’t agree on a moral code. If one pastor stands up to our government he may be confronted by the legal system, but if all take a stand the best result could be a change in the direction of the nation.

Pray? You better believe it, but, in addition, it will take some good old fashion sweat and toil to save the United States of America.

Sherry Sellers

Alexander City