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I want to be president

Published 5:53pm Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear editor,

Have you ever had a crazy thought like that flash through your mind because you just want to do something based on common sense to fix some of our nation’s problems? I’ll admit that I have had that crazy thought on a few occasions. What would the establishment do to me if I could really get my foot in the race? They would roast me to the point that I would seem ready for the “funny farm”. Yet as we look at our well established, well spoken, solidly entrenched men and women in Washington, we can ask what have they accomplished over these many years? They certainly have created a cushy life for themselves with their own healthcare and retirement systems. Keep in mind they are our servants (ha) according to how our government was created. Have they resolved or even made any real impact on the illegal immigration issue, the out-of-control debt, the health care system (including the VA mess), the IRS and its unwieldy system, a runaway EPA, a fouled up energy policy, foreign policy or the many other critical issues facing our country? So many issues and I probably don’t know the half of it.

In my simple way of thinking, any decent person who could get control in Washington and then surround him or herself with some really good people, could make a positive change in this country. I’m convinced that the establishment will never allow it. Yes, there are definitely a few good people, but as an entity, our federal government is almost useless and more often harmful.

I’ve noticed that as I have watched presidents come and go, they always to seem to have all the answers for everything when they are campaigning. That makes the thought of running for the presidency a very scary one to have to be knowledgeable on so many fronts. I probably could not answer most of the questions put forth by the press.

What I have also noticed is that after the candidate is elected, it seems they really don’t know as much as they touted in their campaign. Just think of a presidential candidate who doesn’t pretend to know all the answers and who has no political agenda other than fixing this country.

Surround yourself with people of not just knowledge, but also integrity. Let Trey Gowdy be the attorney general, Charles Payne be in charge of anything related to finances and Dr. Ben Carson in charge of Healthcare including the VA system. Oh by the way, if Dr. Carson was running for president, I would stop running and support him in a heartbeat!

I’m pretty sure by this point you might think how ridiculous this approach sounds. You tell me, where are we headed with the way things are? Do you think if the Republicans gain control that they will resolve all these issues? Seriously?

Well, don’t expect to see my name on the ballot anytime soon, but I can only hope and pray for a miracle that somehow we’ll get some leaders in power who have us in mind (that’s what a republic is all about, representing the people) and serve with the thought of saving this country and not saving one’s political career!


Joe Valenti

Alexander City