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Meteorologist expect average Alabama summer

Published 7:11pm Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the official start of summer.

It’s a summer the National Weather Service is predicting to be like the average summer for Alabama.

The NWS Climate Prediction Center issued a summer forecast that will likely seem very familiar to Alabamians and Alexander City residents.

“They’re looking at generally a near normal to above normal summer in terms of temperatures. For precipitation, we’re looking at more likely a normal summer,” said Jody Aaron, meteorologist for the NWS in Birmingham. “With their predictions, they are not really expecting much of a decrease in rainfall from what we get normally.”

Aaron said that Alexander City normally experiences 4.45 inches of rain for the month of June, 5.31 inches for July, and 4.5 inches in August for a total of about 15 inches all summer.

For high temperatures, Alexander City normally is at 88 degrees Fahrenheit for June, 91 for July, and 90 for August.

Normal low temperatures for Alexander City are 66 for June, 70 for July, and 68 for August.

Aaron said this could all change depending on rainfall the area sees over the summer months.

“Those are the normal temperatures. What we’ve been looking at this week is pretty much what we’re expecting for most of the summer,” Aaron said. “Of course there could be weeks where we could be below normal due to rainfall or Northwest flow that brings in rainfall. For summer in Alabama, it’s usually hit or miss with afternoon showers or thunderstorms.”

Summer is also the dry season for Alabama, but Aaron said experts are not expecting drought conditions at this point.

“We’re not anticipating a drought at anytime at least at this point. Of course, if we get into that pattern where high pressure sets up, then we’ll have to monitor that,” Aaron said. “But we’re expecting a fairly normal rainfall period for this summer. It is our driest timeframe for the year.”