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Online bill pay now available

Published 6:27pm Thursday, June 19, 2014

For those wishing to avoid the monthly trip to city hall, Alexander City has begun offering an online bill payment service.

The system was officially unveiled yesterday though city finance director Steve Hays said they began testing the system in late February.

“We initially started with a few of us at city hall, then we opened it up to all city employees,” Hays said. “The idea was to get all the kinks out.”

Hays said that they tested different scenarios, including what would happen if you pay the day before a cutoff date. The online pay service recommended paying 24 hours in advance of a cutoff date to avoid interruption of service.

Hays said the system allows citizens to pay with either a checking account, a credit card or a debit card.

“You have the choice to save the type of payment for future use, or you can change it each time you pay,” Hays said.

There is no fee to use the service, as the city expects the system will pay for itself once paperless billing is unveiled. Hays also said that they plan on offering an auto-withdraw feature online in the future as well, but for now persons seeking for an automatic bank draft have to sign up at city hall.

The instructions are simple, Hays said, and citizens should have a copy of their utility bill handy.

“All the information you need is on your bill,” Hays said. “Just go to the link on the city’s website, and it is pretty self-explanatory.”

The system will give users a confirmation number once it is complete. It also gives the option to review past utility usage and payments.

Also, for those with multiple utility accounts – whether they have multiple homes, a home and business, or a home and separate meter for their sprinkler system – there is an option to link these accounts online.

To pay online, visit and click the link near the bottom right of the page that says “pay your utility bill online.”

Hays said those with questions about the online system can use the “contact us” tab on the website or they can call city hall at 256-329-6700.