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City seeks input on vision for the community

Published 6:26pm Thursday, June 19, 2014

An upcoming meeting will give the community a chance to describe their vision for the place they call home.

The Community Visioning Meeting will be Thursday, June 26 at 5:30 p.m. at Central Alabama Community College’s Betty Carol Graham Technology Center.

Randy Thomas, community development coordinator, said the meeting will seek to gather the opinions of the community in helping guide the development of the Alexander City Comprehensive Plan Update.

“There will be a bunch of engineers and elected officials making the decisions for the community and where it’s headed, but we would like to have the input of the community,” Thomas said. “Hopefully we’ll have a pretty big group, and we’ll bring everyone up to speed on where we’ve already gone and where we’re trying to get to.”

Thomas said the Alexander City Comprehensive Plan focuses on community facilities, transportation needs, housing needs, land use, zoning and a host of other areas.

The meeting will see those in attendance break up into smaller groups to discuss those areas of the comprehensive plan.

“We’ll then break down into five different breakout groups. For example, one group would be for those who are interested in ideas for the downtown area, another would be for those interested in ideas for the lake,” Thomas said.

Thomas said it’s important to have community input because there could be ideas out there that have not been thought of before.

“Some of us have been doing this for a long time, but maybe there are a lot better ideas out there than what we have,” Thomas said. “I hope we have a lot of young people show up. It’s going to be their community. I think we need some young blood with some new ideas.”

Thomas added that anyone interested in helping guide the future of Alexander City should attend.

“If you have an interest in the future of Alex City and you have some ideas that you think are important, come out and share them with us,” Thomas said. “We may never have thought about what you’re idea was. It’s not rocket science stuff – we want the public to come out and give us their opinions.”

For more information about this meeting contact Thomas at or 256-329-6708, or contact Stacey Browning at or 205-949-3960.