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Parents as Teachers to aid county with child development

Published 8:04pm Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An organization new to Tallapoosa County is aiming to help families ensure their children are on the right track developmentally.

Located at the Circle of Care Center for Families at Laurel Heights, 1250 J Street in Alexander City, Parents as Teachers is a part of the Circle of Care Center for Families and focuses on the development of children.

“We focus on child development. The services are free, and they are voluntary. I’ll go into the home at least once a month and work with parents to ensure that their children are meeting the developmental milestones for their ages,” said Shareka Benson, Tallapoosa County’s certified parent educator. “We help them understand the skills the children should be developing, and we do hands-on activities to help the child’s development of motor skills, language skills and things like that.”

Benson said that while Parents as Teachers does not provide any diagnosis of any disorders, it helps the parents in addressing the needs of the child.

Benson added the program also provides parental services.

“It’s not just the children. We focus on all family wellbeing,” Benson said. “If there’s anything that a parent needs, for example if they do not have a high school diploma, we’re there to encourage them and empower them to ensure the family is safe and self-sufficient.”

Benson added the program serves all parts of the county.

“This is a great program for the community. I’m not going into the homes as a dictator – I’m working as a partner with the family,” Benson said. “We feel that the Parents as Teachers program is a helpful resource to the community. We are looking forward to building partnerships with families and other community partners in Tallapoosa County.”

For more information, contact Benson at 256-794-4838.