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Electronics recycling event coming to Dadeville

Published 8:03pm Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CE&E Solutions and Middle Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership are teaming up again, this time bringing their electronics recycling event to Dadeville.

Electronics will be collected for recycling Wednesday, June 25 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Dadeville High School.

Sabrina Wood, coordinator of the Middle Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership, said the event is a free opportunity for Dadeville residents to properly dispose of their old electronics.

“We have hosted electronics recycling events in Alexander City for years, and now due to the participation they have a monthly electronics recycling event,” Wood said. “So, in looking at the amount that has been collected there from the monthly event, we thought that we should expand and have an event in Dadeville and offer them the same benefit and options for recycling.”

Electronic items accepted include computers, modems, routers, radios, batteries, house and cell phones, CDs, DVDs, microwaves, keyboards, power supplies, printers, copiers and game systems among others. There will be a small charge to recycle old CRT TVs due to the process to recycle them.

“The event that we host, there’s no charge to recycle at that this event, except for the old CRV TVs, which are the tube TVs with the big back on them,” Wood said. “There’s a $10 charge for those just because of the time and efforts associated with the chemicals that have to be removed and properly disposed of. Flat screens and the older computer monitors, as well as any other electronics, can be recycled at no charge.”

Wood said electronics recycling is easy and has the benefit of keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment and water supply.

“Electronics are normally much larger items like televisions that should not be thrown into a landfill, because it takes up a lot of landfill space because they don’t break down and decompose,” Wood said. “They also have different chemicals that should not get into the ground or water system. A lot of times people just dispose of them on the side of the road and that’s not the best environmentally friendly option for that.”

For more information on the electronics recycling event contact Wood at 334-429-8832 or email at

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