Above, this home at 329 Madison Street had its roof badly damaged by a tree that fell across the structure. Robert Hudson | Outlook Photo
Above, this home at 329 Madison Street had its roof badly damaged by a tree that fell across the structure. Robert Hudson | Outlook Photo

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Storms down trees around county

Published 7:25pm Monday, June 9, 2014

Tallapoosa County residents woke up Sunday morning to plenty of downed trees, with some waking up to the darkness of no power.

In Alexander City, the light department responded to downed trees as well as power outages.

“We had down trees, broken power poles, and loss of service. It was pretty bad. We had downed power lines on the filter plant line that used to go down Hillabee feeding Knight Trailer Park Road in the woods,” said Ricky Waller, superintendent of Alexander City Light Department. “We had a broken pole on Marshall Street with a transformer and primary lines on it. In Ridgeway, we had a broken pole where both transformers were demolished on it.”

Waller added the light department responded to broken power poles on Glenhaven, power lines down on the Bolton Plant line, Kellyton Road, Halliana, Floral Drive, Old Kellyton Road, and Summer Street.

The city was working to restore services in some areas, including Ridgeway on Monday.

“It was a pretty good mess. We’ve still got a few things that we are working on today (Monday). We’ve got power on everywhere that we could get it up,” Waller said. “Some service lines were torn off the side of houses, so we have to wait for a licensed electrician to fix those before we hook them back up. All of them should be on by first thing in the morning.”

Storm damage was also prevalent throughout the rest of Tallapoosa County, said Tallapoosa County Emergency Management Agency director Joe Paul Boone.

“We had trees down in New Site, Daviston, Dadeville, Pace’s Point and Holiday Shores. We had power outages throughout the county,” Boone said. “Sunday afternoon in particular, we had power outages in Camp Hill with trees down from Highway 49 North between Dadeville and New Site. I think the worst area for trees down was probably in the Pace’s Point-Holiday Shores areas.”

Meteorologist Jessica Chace with the National Weather Service in Birmingham said the organized system that hit the area Friday, Saturday and Sunday formed from a combination of systems.

“We’ve had two days of more organized severe thunderstorms across the area. On Saturday, we had what is called a mesoscale convective system that developed over Western Tennessee in the Arkansas area,” Chace said. “As it moved east, it interacted with a stationary front which allowed it to travel to the south, so those storms merged together to create a wide range of thunderstorms that produced wind damage, hail and a pretty spectacular lightning thing with it.”

Chace added a more organized system with more upper level support that could produce gusty winds was heading for the area Monday afternoon.

“One thing we will have to watch for is how well it will sustain in terms of severity. A lot of times past sunset, storms lose that instability pretty quickly,” Chace said. “As we saw Saturday, those storms were strong enough to overcome that.”