Clergy members circle together for a prayer following last Friday’s press conference.
Clergy members circle together for a prayer following last Friday’s press conference. Robert Hudson | The Outlook

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Concerned Clergy release statement on Crayton ruling

Published 8:22pm Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Concerned African American clergy members released a statement last Friday after a Tallapoosa County grand jury found that Alexander City police officer Tommy Maness was found not at fault in the March 8 shooting death of Emerson Crayton Jr.

The Concerned African American Clergy of Tallapoosa and Coosa Counties (CAACTCC) expressed disappointment with the grand jury’s findings, but stressed a need for the community to remain calm.

“The Concerned African American Clergy of Tallapoosa and Coosa Counties have reviewed the statements made by the Tallapoosa County District Attorney E. Paul Jones and reviewed the videos released by his office,” said Pastor Melvin Irvin, co-chair of the organization, during a press conference at Miracle Missionary Baptist Church in Alexander City.

“While the Concerned Clergy are highly disappointed with the findings of the grand jury and are deeply concerned about the evidence presented  in the video tape, we ask that the community continues to remain calm and peaceful as the process for justice for Emerson Crayton Jr. continues.”

Irvin added the CAACTCC will continue to maintain communication with the area NAACP, as well as city police and government in finding a solution.

“We will continue to maintain an active channel of communication with the Tallapoosa County and State of Alabama NAACP and the legal team representing the Crayton family,” Irvin said. “We ask that the community continues to lift up the Crayton Family in prayer. While disappointed, we are by no means discouraged. As men and women of God, we place our faith in God’s law, not man’s law. We believe that righteousness will ultimately prevail.”

  • Thinking

    I am confused. I am going to assume these ministers saw the video and thought Mr. Crayton did nothing wrong. Wonder what they thought should have been done? I regret all this has happened and wish this night would have never taken place in our community. However, in the release of the info and video, the full investigation by ABI and a grand jury, why would they be so disappointed? I am willing to look at this from others viewpoints if someone would present where the officer did wrong and Mr. Crayton did right.

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