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Time to toughen up

Published 8:39am Thursday, May 29, 2014

Under the leadership of head football coach Richard White, the Dadeville Tigers have enjoyed a run of consistent success that has made them one of the toughest matchups in Class 4A.
Starting June 9, the work to building that toughness starts all over again.
Like most teams in the area and the state, Dadeville will be in the midst of its summer workout and conditioning program.
According to DHS coach Richard White, it is paramount for the Tigers to re-toughen, so to speak, as the loss of key players from recent teams may mandate that players are ready and physically able to play on both sides of the ball.
However, thanks to defensive line coach Matt Harrison’s guidance in the weight room, White said the team will definitely be ready for war come August.
“There’s no doubt we’ve got to get stronger,” he said. “Ever since Coach Harrison took over the reins in there, we’ve always been good about it. He makes sure our guys work every muscle. We’re not anywhere near ready right now, but when it comes time to kick off, we will be.”
The conditioning programs should allow for the younger players to get more accustomed to the rigors of playing for DHS, White said, while the veterans will be working themselves back into shape.
“We’re looking to continue to do what we do,” White said. “That means our young guys have to get ready, and some of our old boys that are going to contribute more have to get in better shape than they are in now.”
According to White, several players have already begun the process of getting ready for game action.
He added that the self-motivation of his players is always a positive sign.
“I’ve had a few come by my house to get the keys to gym and field so they can get some work in,” White said. “Anytime you’ve got kids that are willing to get the keys from you and go work – and we have several – that’s always a good sign. It’s the ones that don’t want to do anything that you worry about.”
DHS will have sessions at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The two sessions are designed to accommodate players with summer jobs.
“We want them to come to at least one,” White said. “It doesn’t matter which one it is.”