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Red Cross urges use of tornado app

Published 7:30pm Thursday, May 1, 2014

With tornado season in full swing, the American Red Cross is trying make sure people are prepared in the event of disaster.

The Red Cross is promoting its free tornado app for smartphones and iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.).

The app can be downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play Store, and Melissa Poe, Community Chapter Executive for the Alabama Lakes Chapter of the Red Cross, said the app is filled with useful information in the palm of the user’s hand.

“What they do is use the GPS on your phone, and if there’s a warning or tornado watch out, they’ll tell you if there’s a potential tornado in your area,” Poe said. “There’s also a part of the app where you can test yourself to see how ready you are for a tornado. The Red Cross is all about preparedness, and this app helps people learn facts about tornadoes, and more importantly, prepare for them.”

The Red Cross tornado app also provides decades of information regarding tornados in the user’s selected area.

Poe said the app provides up-to-the-minute information on severe weather in their area.

“Alerts come through your phone whenever there are watches and warnings out there. I had three or four alerts Monday night during the storms. There’s also a weather map on the app,” Poe said. “It’s just a really good app to have.”

Along with getting the app, Poe added that there are other steps that can be taken in order to prepare for a tornado.

“To prepare for tornadoes, you need to have a weather radio. The EMA (Emergency Management Agency) can program it for you to inform you for your area of the county,” Poe said. “You must always be weather aware, know about what’s coming your direction and be prepared for it. You need to know where to go in your home to be safe.”

To find out more about the Red Cross Tornado app, and other free apps from the Red Cross, visit