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Mayor returns after stroke

Published 9:39pm Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dadeville Mayor Joe Smith is recovered and ready to return to work after a stroke had him hospitalized last Thursday.

Dadeville City clerk Mike Gardner said Smith had to be airlifted to Birmingham after complaints of not feeling well.

“We believe he may have had a stroke. The problem occurred Thursday night. He told one of his sons that he didn’t feel good, and he was taken down to a local hospital,” Gardner said. “The doctors checked him out, and he was airlifted to UAB Thursday night.”

Gardner said Smith underwent tests while at UAB before being released early this week.

“At that time, he wasn’t speaking well, he had a little loss of memory of some things, but each day he got better and better,” Gardner said. “He went home Monday afternoon. I spoke with him Tuesday, and he seemed in real good spirits. He’s glad to be home and looking forward to getting back to work.”