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Not pleased with Wind Creek egg hunt

Published 6:57pm Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Editor:
After paying a $5 dollar entrance fee for myself and my 7 year old granddaughter and her 7 year old best friend, I was looking forward to a fun Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Wind Creek State Park.
Things started off well enough, the Easter Bunny posed for photographs with the children then the Bunny gave suckers to everyone – which turned out to be not so much a treat, but rather more of a commentary on the Hunt’s participants.
After the happy, excited children, many of whom were dressed in pretty Easter outfits, started opening the hollow plastic eggs they had competed to find, their joy rapidly turned to sorrow and disappointment. Inside each egg  was –NOTHING ! That’s right, not a jellybean, Hershey’s kiss or even a marshmallow chick!  Nothing!
At this point, the Hunt’s organizers announced to the children that they were to turn in even these colorful souvenirs for recycling.
The only winners would be (1) boy and (1) girl that had, respectively, found the most eggs. They would each win a gift basket.
In addition, another boy and girl who had found a specially painted silver and gold egg would receive a $10 dollar Wal-Mart gift certificate.
Bottom line – Out of about 50 children, only 4 had anything to show for their happily anticipated participation in the Egg Hunt. Yikes !
Holy trickle-down economics!
Of course, some of the children may have understood that this was all part of our competitive free-enterprise system. Those Wal-Mart gift certificates would eventually enable some child in China to have an extra bowl of rice . But most of them were sad and bewildered. And yes, some DID cry.
After attempting to soothe the upset feelings of the two 7 year olds – the purchase of two big chocolate Easter bunnies filled the empty place in their Easter baskets, I made a call to Bruce Adams, the manager of Wind Creek State Park.
Having voiced my disapointment concerning the Egg Hunt format to him, his response was much the same as the empty plastic eggs. He said nothing – I don’t know if he was irritated  – embarrassed – angry – or just uninterested.

Art Walker
Alexander City, AL