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Local lawyer says Crayton shooting didn’t start as fight

Published 6:03pm Friday, April 11, 2014

A local lawyer as well as the NAACP are saying initial reports involving an officer involved shooting incident at the Huddle House were inaccurate.
The incident occurred Saturday, March 8 around 12:20 a.m. and left Emerson Crayton Jr. dead after he was shot by an Alexander City police officer.
ACPD initially reported that police responded to the restaurant after reports of two males fighting. The department said that when officers arrived, Crayton attempted to run an officer over with his vehicle, at which point the officer fired at the approaching vehicle.
Local lawyer Eric Hutchins said that after talking with eyewitnesses, he believes the initial reports need to be retracted.
“There was an incorrect or ambiguous statement made by the ACPD soon after this incident occurred stating that two males were fighting at the Huddle House,” Hutchins said. “Based on our investigation so far – an extensive investigation interviewing eyewitnesses – there is nothing to suggest that two males were in a fight. By fighting, I mean a physical confrontation. At the very least it is untrue and possibly misleading.”
Hutchins said he approached the police department and asked that they amend the statement within 30 days.
Officials with the Alexander City Police Department, however, said they are still awaiting word from the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, which were called in to investigate the incident. Until reports come back, the department said it will not comment further on the matter.
Hutchins isn’t the only one who has suggested the statement needs to be amended, as he is joined by Rev. Hugh Morris, first vice president of the Alabama State Conference of the NAACP.
“The police department officially put that mistake out there, and they should be the ones who make the retraction,” Morris said. “They should make it as soon as possible and not let that misinformation continue to fester.”