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Published 6:29pm Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dear Editor,

Did you know that the word Easter, found in Acts 12:4, is not in the original Greek new testament scriptures that the King James version of the bible was translated from? Who put it in there? No one knows, but we know that it does not belong there – that it’s not from the original scriptures. We have a big mistake here. Someone added it to the King James translation.

There word that is there in the Greek is “Pascha” meaning Passover. The new King James Version and most others have placed Passover back where it belongs.

King Herod had killed James, the brother of John, and had arrested Peter, intending to bring him before the people after the “Passover.” Here is where the word Easter was inserted. The Greek word here is Pascha, meaning Passover. History tells us when the Roman Emperor Constantine was in rule back in the third century A.D., he hated anything Jewish. So he put forth the edict that anyone keeping Passover was to be put to death, instead Easter was to be kept in its place.

Lew White in his book “Fossilized Customs” states, “Easter comes from the pagan goddess “Ishtar or Asherah.” We also read of this god Asherah in 2 Kings 21:1-11, where we see the wicked King Manasseh had set up this carved image of “Asherah” in the very temple, the house of Yahweh. Can you believe this open sin and rebellion? And all Israel was punished severely for their action? What about us, do we get a pass? For more information contact me at 256-825-3367


Minister Jim H. Thompson


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