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Wilson announces candidacy for Coosa Co. sheriff

Published 5:53pm Friday, April 4, 2014

Coosa County Sheriff Terry Wilson has announced his intention to seek re-election for the office of sheriff.

Wilson, who has served as sheriff for the past seven years, is a native of Coosa County and has 16 years of law enforcement experience.

“For Coosa County to prosper and grow, the safety and welfare of our citizens must be the top priority of its sheriff,” Wilson said. “I feel as sheriff I have demonstrated the leadership qualities and strong law enforcement experience that is needed to keep Coosa County a safe place to live.”

Wilson said that in addition to his law enforcement background, he has 22 years of military service and possesses the character, integrity and trustworthiness needed for the office of sheriff.

“I have worked hard as sheriff, demonstrating the most ethical and professional standards possible,” Wilson said. “I am a sheriff you can count on.”

Wilson says that during his time as sheriff, he has developed a strong law enforcement team with a solid core of highly-qualified deputy sheriffs. He also noted that he has worked to acquire the most modern technology available through various grants.

“Our Coosa County Law Enforcement team, with their 21st century equipment, stands ready at the highest level of readiness ever,” Wilson said. “If re-elected, I will continue to work hard at maintaining a well-rounded team of law enforcement professionals possessing the commitment to serve and protect our citizens.”

Wilson said that he is proud to see the level of community involvement the sheriff’s office has had during the past seven years. Programs such as neighborhood watches, Yellow Dot and Project Lifesaver, Wilson explained, encourages citizens’ involvement in improving the local quality of life.

“I will continue to fight hard against drugs here in the county and continue to work hard at solving theft cases,” Wilson said. “During my time as sheriff, we have solved two cold murder cases – a 17-year-old murder case and 15 year-old double murder. If re-elected, I will continue to aggressively seek justice for families and friends who are waiting for other cold cases to be solved.”

Wilson is a member of the Coosa County Chapter of National Wild Turkey Federation, the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association and as a member of the Coosa County Extension Advisory Board.

He also leads the Sheriff’s Team supporting Cancer Outreach and Community Hope (COACH), is a member of and senior officer of the Rockford Masonic Lodge and member of the Coosa Valley #8 Fraternal Order of Police. In addition, he is a board member of Holley Springs Church and Cemetery Association, a member of the Coosa County Republican Executive Committee, member of the Alabama Sheriff’s Association and its Review and Research Committee, National Sheriff’s Association and National Rifle Association.

“I want to personally thank everyone for their encouragement and support,” Wilson said. “It has been an honor and privilege serving as your Sheriff and I humbly ask for your continued support and vote in this year’s general election on November 4”.

Wilson and his wife Ran live in Rockford and are active members of Rockford Baptist Church.