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Leadership key for our elected officials

Published 7:24pm Friday, March 28, 2014

Dear Editor,
Yes, it’s time to demand accountability as Dr. Billy Sellers seems to say in his editorial. It’s time to get real facts on government waste and ineffective programs that poor and rich gain entitlements to.
Yes, our county was founded by men who signed the constitution and believed in Christian values.
To be honest, when was the last time the leaders who serve in Congress, House of Representatives, Senate along with the president stepped back and allowed God to be present when making decisions regarding the United States of America.
The best thing going right now for the USA that brings us together is the pledging of the flag. We stand, we salute, we repeat united, one nation under God and that’s about as far as we get toward treating one another fairly.
Good leadership and qualified elected officials are needed to help run government. We need officials who don’t whine, pout or shutdown the government when they can’t agree or come to a workable solution!
God helps everyone, Dr. Sellers, not just those who can help themselves. If that was the case, we wouldn’t need a God. To not help or aid others in need would deem a selfish act.
Jesus said the poor would be with us always. He tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. He taught his disciples to give and show compassion as he did. His rich disciples shared too.
There are probably people who take advantage of the system. Yet there are families who really struggle and work yet their needs are hardly met.
Yes, Jesus threw money changers out of temple. They were using His father God’s house being corrupt and selling. His house was to be a house of prayer not a den for thieves.
Jesus met people at their lowest need. He fed, he healed, delivered and tells us to do likewise.
Jesus also shamed tax collectors and manipulators who took advantage of people. Zach repented, gave back what he stole and followed Jesus. By the way, how many people on welfare, government entitlements are getting rich from mediocre money or programs?
Billionaires, millionaires, middle class or lower income people who earn money honestly are to be commended. It would be nice if USA could treat everyone equally allow all to have reputable business, money for family and able to meet needs and have excess if they are afforded jobs.
God is blessing USA. We have too many unwilling to share resources to help everyone achieve or succeed thereby programs are needed to aid families and many children to help them survive. With aid, people can get help until they can get quality jobs or training to move out of government entitlements.
Until you walk in someone’s shoes, see where they are, you may never know or understand their needs. God’s blessing to all!

Teresa Moten
Alexander City

  • wildflower

    Make no mistake, Rev. Moten, I don’t seem to say, I do say that we must demand accountability from our elected officials. And you know as well as I that the rapidly growing sense of entitlement of a large segment of our population is destroying the solvency and the financial stability of this country. I agree that lending a helping hand to those truly in need and unable to help themselves is Christ-like. On the other hand, one needs to look no further than the parable of the talents to find out what God expects us to do with what we are given. Anyone can temporarily find himself or herself on hard times, but only the truly irresponsible turn their dependency into a way of life.
    Billy Sellers