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CP-H plans for SunFest, Wellness Fair

Published 9:46pm Thursday, March 27, 2014

By Adam Powell

The Outlook


The Council for Prosperity thru Health (CP-H) conducted its monthly meeting Thursday at the United Way office on Main Street.

After welcoming guests, the group addressed upcoming events as well as accomplishments since the last meeting.

The CP-H recently received its official non-profit status, which clears the group to receive charitable contributions.

In an effort to further their plans to improve health and wellness in the Lake Martin area, CP-H members met with representatives from Russell Medical Center and discussed plans to partner on upcoming events.

The main event that CP-H members are gearing up for is the upcoming SunFest.

The CP-H will sponsor several events in conjunction with the festival, including Wellness Saturday, which will be held on July 26.

A “Farm to Table Cook-Off” will be held featuring celebrity chefs using local produce to create tasty and healthy dishes.

Also, the group will host a Wellness Fair in the United Way offices on the same day.

The Wellness Fair will feature local vendors and businesses that specialize in health-centric ventures, from doctors to farmers and everything in between.

Vendors can reserve a booth at the Wellness Fair for $25.

The group also discussed plans to further the efforts of the Farmers Market by assisting in set-up and breakdown on Saturdays, as well as promoting the market by seeking out vendors and customers.

Dr. Don Durbin, a committee member for the group, then addressed exactly what wellness is and how to promote it in the area.

“Wellness is a lot of things, you see it everywhere,” Durbin said. “Basically, wellness is anything you do to improve your health.”

Durbin addressed the group’s mission, as well as steps they are taking to further their agenda.

“If we improve industry in this community, that trickles down to families and churches and schools, and that’s what we want,” Durbin said. “If we can squeeze in just a little more time we can make this the healthiest, most prosperous place in Alabama.”

The group then discussed the completion of its yearly “Back to Canaan” program, which discusses health and wellness as it pertains to the Bible.

Don Kelly teaches the class and starts with the foods available during biblical times, such as fruits and vegetables, and Janice Lynn then takes a scientific perspective to show how these foods are truly better for humans.

The latest program had about 30 attendees.

“It’s grown every year,” Lynn said. “We’re trying to get wellness and health into every walk of life.”

Next, the group discussed its upcoming plans for a Community Garden on land provided by First United Methodist Church.

Lynn then addressed the group by evaluating health trends in the area, as well as ways to improve them.

According to statistics presented by Lynn, Tallapoosa County ranks below the state and national average in nearly every way, including rates of obesity, diabetes and more.

“So many people don’t know what a healthy diet consists of,” Lynn said. “It doesn’t come through a drive-thru window I can assure you.”

While the rates of such ailments are high, Lynn said that with a healthy diet, exercise and rest many of these problems can be reversed.

The next meeting will be April 24 and anyone interested is welcome to attend.

For more information on upcoming events and more, e-mail Chairman Dan Replogle at or find them on Facebook.