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Horseshoe Bend remembered

Published 8:09pm Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dear Editor,

Over the last several weeks I have read the accounts of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and the exploits of General Andrew Jackson.
Being from the local area and having an appetite for history, I always collected all the information I could find on local events. The truth has always been the hallmark of my writings as well  the blueprint of my life and so this brings me to the point of this editorial.
I do not believe the complete truth has been reported concerning the plight of the Creek Indian nation following the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and the treaty of Fort Jackson.
At the  time of the battle the Creek and Cherokee nations were as civilized as the white settlers. The Indians raised cattle and crops much the same as the white settlers.
The Cherokee had their own language, schools and government. I have a friend, that’s right I do have friends in New Site who has a copy of an original Cherokee spelling book used in the Indian schools at the time.
I keep reading the word ceded and transferred concerning the land which the white government stole from the very people who helped General Jackson defeat the rebels.
The land was blatantly stolen from the very people who had lived here long before the white settlers even knew this country existed.
Our fine General Jackson got word Creek warriors wounded at Horseshoe Bend were being treated at Hillibee Town, which was the largest Creek village in this part of the country and was located  in the Hackneyville area.
Jackson sent soldiers to Hillabee Town and had the wounded warriors executed in their beds. So if the story is to be told then let us tell the whole story.
The story of suffering of people who had nothing to do with the revolt who had everything taken from them and required to move to an alien land.
A sad story in a chapter from past days in Alabama. I just wonder how Common Core will treat this story in another hundred years.

Thanks for your time
Woody Baird
De Oppresso Liber