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History is only history when it is factual

Published 8:15pm Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dear editor,


In 1926, Dr. Woodson reached out to a world where negroes were denied access and liberty to have negroes contributions in print. Implementing history week for negroes was an occasion to share and make others aware of the rich heritage of a successful race of people.

February is the month where the rich heritage of African Americans is being shared briefly; however after many years, writers, authors, publishers of school materials, magazines, journals, and many other publications fail to adequately tell the thorough, accurate, factual accounts of the history, achievements and accomplishments that African Americans have contributed.

The historians and publishers who have written factual materials are to be commended highly.

History is only history when it is factual and credit is awarded to the rightful owners or inventors. African Americans have succeeded by leaps and bounds today and must be incorporated into the textbooks, magazines, news everywhere without bias or prejudices along with every other race of people.
Teresa Moten

Alexander City